For Teachers and Instructors

All qualifying faculty members in the USA and Canada are welcome to examine any of our books. We will send them to you on a 180 day approval basis. When your bookstore orders 10 or more copies the exam copy becomes yours.
If you decide to adopt the selected title for your course, please provide us with a proof of an order for 10 or more copies or with a copy of your official reading / recommended reading list (or similar)  within the approval period of 180 days by e-mail to customerservice(at)
If you decide to not adopt the title for a course, please either buy it for personal use or return it to us with the original paperwork or with a simple note providing your name, institution, and address.
Please note that different examination copy policies may apply for selected titles. If this is the case, then a separate examination copy request form is supplied on the page with the detailed description of the book.
Examination copies on 180-day terms are only available in the USA and Canada. In other countries, prepayment is required. Upon receipt of an order for 10 or more copies, the price of initial examination copy will be credited upon request.

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for possible course adoption. Please send me an examination copy.

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