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Alexander Grob
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Recently published

Special Issue: Body Image, Vol. 20 (1)




Cosimo Urgesi (2015). Multiple Perspectives on Body Image ResearchOpens external link in new window pp. 1-5.


Original Articles and Reviews


Matthew R. Longo (2015). Implicit and Explicit Body RepresentationsOpens external link in new window pp. 6-15.


Matteo Candidi and Salvatore Maria Aglioti (2015). Visual and Sensorimotor Contributions to the Esthetic Appraisal of Body Form, Motion, and EmotionOpens external link in new window pp. 16-26.


Boris Suchan, Silja Vocks, and Manuel Waldorf (2015). Alterations in Activity, Volume, and Connectivity of Body-Processing Brain Areas in Anorexia NervosaOpens external link in new window pp. 27-33.


Giuseppe Riva, Santino Gaudio, and Antonios Dakanalis (2015). The Neuropsychology of Self-ObjectificationOpens external link in new window pp. 34-43.


Viren Swami (2015). Cultural Influences on Body Size IdealsOpens external link in new window pp. 44-51.


Dorothée Legrand and Frédéric Briend (2015). Anorexia and Bodily Intersubjectivity pp. 52-61.


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Christine Mohr and Sabrina Messina (2015). Brain Dysfunctions, Psychopathologies, and Body Image Distortions pp. 72-81.