Handbook of Positive Psychology Assessment

Handbook of Positive Psychology Assessment

herausgegeben von Willibald Ruch, Arnold B. Bakker, Louis Tay, Fabian Gander

Reihe: Psychological Assessment – Science and Practice - Band 5

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Handbook of Positive Psychology Assessment
ISBN: 9780889376199
2023, viii/400 Seiten
Erscheint September 2022
ca. € 70,09
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Band 2
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Handbook of Positive Psychology Assessment


Learn how to select the right positive psychology (PP) assessment tool for the right situation

  • Written by internationally renowned authors
  • Looks at well-being, traits, states, and behavior
  • Presents the relevant psychometric properties
  • Considers assessment challenges
  • Recommends selection in different settings
  • Explores new directions in PP

A comprehensive guide to selecting positive psychology assessment tools

This volume gives a state-of-the-art overview of assessment in the field of positive psychology, including a comprehensive survey of current theories, approaches, issues, and assessment instruments. In four sections, leading experts look at different conceptualizations of well-being and discuss specific traits, states, and behaviors. New directions in positive psychology are also explored, including measuring primal world beliefs, imagination, self-transcendent experiences, and nostalgia.

Each chapter provides an introductory background to the positive psychology topic reviews the most relevant assessment instruments, and discusses the specific assessment-related challenges. Recommendations for selecting assessment tools are included for specific settings, such as school, relationships, health and clinical settings, leisure, and interventions. This book is a must for positive psychology researchers, instructors, students, and practitioners wanting to select the right positive psychology instrument for the right situation.

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