Software development

Our “e-assessment” development department focuses on digital psychological testing. Our many years of experience, expertise, inventiveness, and creativity facilitate independent software development within the company. Our experts leverage new tools and technologies to develop the next generation of the Hogrefe test system.

Our goal

We are united by our common goal of leveraging diagnostics to make decisions more real, fairer, and better, accompanying people’s professional and personal development and offering real added value thanks to our product.

Join our Dev team to help us make this goal a reality! 

Our team

Our E-Assessment tech team consists of over 30 people, including qualified psychologists, support staff, software testers, UX/UI designers, as well as a scrum master and several product owners. We also have software development experts who develop, learn, and progress together. Each employee does so in their own way, with their own interests, their own personality, and their own approach. There are many ways to reach your goal.

Our approach to work & benefits

We take an agile approach to work, with passion and always on an equal footing. Fairness, appreciation, and long-term staffing of our positions are important to us. That’s why we take care of your mental health and leverage our benefits to make you a satisfied member of our Hogrefe team.

  • Work flexibility – Work from wherever you want, remotely or in our awesome office
  • Work-life balance – Decide for yourself how many hours per week you want to work (30-40 hours) and organise them flexibly
  • Agile methods – We regularly make use of Scrum and Kanban
  • Up-to-date TechStack – Our tools are up to date
  • Qualification – We promote on-the-job training and recognised certifications
  • Promotion opportunities – Junior, senior, team lead: work with us and get ahead
  • Team spirit – Team events and celebrations bring variety to your workspace and make you the team you want to be
  • Health management – Hogrefe Bike, team sports and health days, fruit and relaxation: it’s up to you
  • Money and more – In addition to your salary, we motivate you with a special annual payment, pension allowances and capital-forming benefits, and our Hogrefe Card
  • And last but not least: as much coffee as you want – it’s on the house 

Job opportunities in Software Development

No Job Offer!

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Human Resources Management
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