What we stand for

In psychology, the focus is on the individual. This is also what drives us as a company at Hogrefe: We want a future that is worth living for all of us and we take responsibility for that.

Our goal is to make Hogrefe sustainable as a company through its products, services, people, and needs. We are already on the way to achieving this and have anchored sustainability as an integral part of our strategy for the future. We use our experience, are open to new things and are continuously moving forward—always with our goal in mind.

Sustainable Development Goals

We have signed the SDG Publishers Compact to actively support and accelerate the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN by 2030. For us, this means that together we are trying to create a more sustainable future at Hogrefe, using our products to help inform people about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) topics, developing them further and inspiring people to take active action. As a publisher of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry, as well as nursing, public health and medicine, SDG Goal 3, ‘Good Health and Wellbeing’, forms the core topic of our publications and services. 

A project team of employees from different locations and departments is constantly working on defining new goals and finding ways to create a sustainable publishing house.

Our commitment

Family business through and through

Family and community are important values at Hogrefe. We are committed to our employees and offer each and every one of them a job that is right for them. We attach great importance to ensuring that work and family life are well-aligned. To do so, we offer various flexible and hybrid working hours models for full-time and part-time staff. Working parents also receive financial subsidies for childcare.

We work with our employees in a life-phase-oriented way and provide them with equal support during training, parental leave or the retirement transition period. As a member of the company network Family as a Success Factor, Hogrefe uses the exchange with other committed companies in the network to implement new ideas and thus further expand the family-friendly corporate culture.

Celebrate diversity!

We are made up of 400 colleagues who work in 16 different countries. Our team is colourful and diverse and we believe that this is the reason we work so successfully. We enrich each other and inspire each other to break through rigid thought patterns. The exchange between different genders, generations, and countries is part of everyday life for us. That’s why signing the Diversity Charter was a logical step. Overcoming barriers and prejudices is an incentive in everything we do.

Fair and respectful training

Training qualified junior staff has been really important to our company for many years. We support young people in their first steps in professional life and stand by them as a reliable partner. For us, it goes without saying that we treat our trainees with respect and appreciation. This also includes paying them a fair training allowance, which at Hogrefe is well above the minimum wage for trainees.

Hogrefe has been taking responsibility for integrating refugees into the job market for several years. As a member of the Network Companies Integrate Refugees network, we enable refugees to enter our company through internships and training programs. We are grateful to be able to accompany young people on their path in Germany and also for the many shared experiences and goals achieved.

Social partners of the company

As a successful company, we see it as our duty to pass on our help and support to people and organizations that are important to us.

Locally, this includes Elternhilfe für das krebskranke Kind Göttingen e.V. (Parents’ Aid for Children with Cancer Göttingen e.V.). We regularly donate to the parents’ house, participate in the Göttingen Lights Run for the parents’ house and are happy to receive private donations from employees in our donation boxes.

Hogrefe also supports various organizations and initiatives on a regular basis and in special crisis situations. For example, we have not only donated money to those affected by the war in Ukraine, but have also provided expertise to help people deal with the psychological consequences of various war experiences. We have supported aid organisations with free book packages in this context. Hogrefe also provided financial support with respect to the flood disaster in the Ahr valley.

We joined the ‘Network Companies Integrate Refugees’ network to give refugees prospects on the job market. Within this context, we give refugees an entry point into our company through internships and training programs. We are very happy to be able to contribute to integration while finding dedicated and experienced colleagues.

Community at Hogrefe

Community and cohesion are important to us. We value diversity and individuality in our teams. We work and learn with and from each other.

We design your individual workplace with you and offer you great development opportunities. At the same time, we explicitly support teamwork, whether project-oriented or in a permanent team, whether at work or in your free time. We show consideration for each other and pass the ball!

We are successful together and celebrate together! We look forward to having you in our team!