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Hogrefe attaches great importance to professional and personal development. Our employees are supported, promoted and intensively accompanied on their career paths. Some of the career paths of our employees are presented on this page.

Mario - Administrator Accounting and Finance

  • Apprenticeship in office management at Hogrefe
  • Employment in the accounting department as Administrator Accounting and Finance


Administrator Accounting and Finance

Carolin - HR Manager

  • Apprenticeship as media assistant digital and print at Hogrefe
  • Employment in the human resources department as HR Manager
  • Bachelor studies in business psychology


HR Managerin

Sabine, Vertriebssachbearbeiterin Testzentrale

I have been part of the "Hogrefe family" for almost 22 years now and still enjoy coming to work.

Angelika - From apprentice to manager

  • Apprenticeship as "office manager" at Hogrefe
  • Employment as producer in the department Periodicals Production/Royalties
  • Head of Periodicals Production/Royalties as of 1997
  • 40th anniversary at Hogrefe in 2019


Head of Periodicals Production/Royalties

Anna - From volunteer to project assistant e-publishing

  • Bachelor studies
  • Traineeship at Hogrefe in the E-Business Development department, incl. short internships in the book distribution, e-commerce & online marketing, production and editing departments
  • Employment as project assistant in the E-Business Development department before the end of the traineeship
  • From 2022: Project Manager E-Business Development


Project Manager E-Business Development

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Over 45 years

Training experience

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Average of 9.3 years

with the company

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90% Acquisition rate

after training

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Training engagement

Robert, Corporate Supporter im E-Assessment

During my apprenticeship, I was able to work in many different departments within the publishing house and was then employed directly after the apprenticeship. Since then, I have been working full time in the e-assessment department and am also doing bachelor studies in international relations.

Development opportunities after training

When you are employed after your training, you will become part of one of our departments as a specialist. You will be assigned your fixed area of responsibility and take on responsibility according to your abilities. We would like to actively support you in your further development:

  • You can take advantage of internal and external training opportunities, seminars and workshops to continuously expand and deepen your knowledge.
  • If the conditions are right, we will support you in studying for a bachelor's degree alongside your job, which will turn you into a professional in your field.
  • With a Fachwirt, for example in the field of IT, business or marketing, you will gain additional knowledge and an additional degree that is equivalent to a Bachelor's degree in terms of qualification level. The Fachwirt also entitles you to study at a university without a high school diploma.
  • By means of on-the-job training, you acquire further knowledge directly at your workplace and in a practical manner, and develop further within your team.

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