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On this page you will find information on the conditions for our journal subscriptions and for the online access to full texts. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Information for subscribers

  • Subscriptions usually run from January to December. For subscribers joining during the year, the minimum term of the subscription is one year.
  • Renewal notices are issued to subscribers outside Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for the following journals: Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors, Crisis, Experimental Psychology, European Journal of Health Psychology, European Journal of Psychological Assessment, European Psychologist, International Perspectives in Psychology, Journal of Individual Differences, Journal of Media Psychology, Journal of Personnel Psychology, Journal of Psychophysiology, Rorschachiana, Social Psychology, Zeitschrift für Psychologie. Subscriptions for other customers are automatically renewed for an additional year if not cancelled in writing 4 weeks before the end of the subscription year.
  • Shipping and handling costs are mentioned separately; they are not included in the subscription rates. They cover one subscription, which is directly sent printed matter (2nd class mail) by surface-mail. Upon request journals will be sent by air-mail which is charged extra. No discount on shipping costs.
  • Back issues of our periodicals are supplied as long as available. Prices on request.
  • Claims for missing issues can only be accepted within six months of publication.
  • Changes of address should be sent in four weeks before validity and must include the journal’s title, as well as the former and the new address.
  • Please note that these prices, especially the postage rates, are subject to change.

Information correct as of August 2022

Online access to full-text

Subscribers to journals published by the Hogrefe group (Hogrefe Verlag, Hogrefe Publishing, Hogrefe AG) are provided with access to the corresponding full-text online. The precise conditions differ between individual and institutional subscribers.

Online subscriptions always include access to the complete archive of back issues (usually starting with the 1999 volume) during the term of the subscription.

Individual subscribers

Individual subscribers will be provided with personal access to full-text articles via email address and password. The online access is already included in the subscription price. A user account for the electronic access can easily be set up on our eJournals platform.

Our support team will activate the access for our subscribers on request via email.

Journals package for psychology journals:
For a fee of € 355.00 / CHF 474.00, individual subscribers can also obtain online access to the full-text (in general, including back issues from 1999 onwards) of all 28 active psychology journals as well as the 13 archive journalspublished by the Hogrefe group (PsyJOURNALS package).

Institutional subscribers

Institutional customers must pay a fee to obtain electronic access to the journals. Institutions have the choice between a print-only subscription, an eOnly subscription, or a combination of print and online. Prices are arranged in ascending order.

Fees for online access to the journals depend on the size of the institution. For academic institutions and schools, the size is determined on the basis of the number of “full-time equivalents” (FTEs; students, teaching staff, research staff) and for public libraries on the basis of the number of registered users (throughout the institution, not single departments). Hospitals will be invoiced on the basis of their total number of beds (throughout the institution, not single departments). For all other institutions (counselling services, public authorities, commercial organizations, etc.), the size is determined on the basis of the number of potential qualifi ed users, e. g., psychologists, therapists, counsellors, social workers, etc. (“Relevant Professionals” or RPs).

Using these indicators instiutional customers are categorized in one of the four tiers (1, 2, 3 and 4):

The current price list for all subscription options and tiers can be found here.

Please note that these prices only apply to single-site institutions. Multi-site institutions should request an individual price quotation from our support team via email

The online access is usually granted via IP authentication or Remote Access (Shibboleth). As an alternative we also offer access via URL-referrer.

We will be happy to provide a detailed price quotation tailored to your requirements. Please contact via email.

Archive rights after termination of subscription
Starting with the 2019 annual volumes, institutional eOnly and Print & Online subscriptions include perpetual access rights to the volumes published during the term of the subscription. Customers who paid separate license fees for the online access in previous years will keep perpetual access rights for these volumes as well.

The eJournals are provided and can be used via the current platform Hogrefe eContent. Should the Hogrefe group be unable to ensure access via Hogrefe eContent, the journal contents may also be distributed through another means (e. g., another online platform or as PDF).


Free access to bibliographic information: Full bibliographic information and abstracts are available free of charge for non-subscribers on our eJournals platform Hogrefe eContent.

Access to the data:
Psychological journals
Medical journals

If you have any further questions about our psychology and medical journals, please contact our support team from Hogrefe eContent via email.

Do not hesitate to contact us anytime!

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