Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Older Adults

Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Older Adults

von Erin L. Woodhead

Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Older Adults
ISBN: 9780889375109
2023, x/110 Seiten
Erscheint August 2023
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Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Older Adults

Up-to-date guidance on assessing and treating unhealthy alcohol use in older adults

  • Explores models and theories
  • Examines assessment options
  • Illustrated with clinical pearls and vignettes
  • Considers cultural aspects
  • Provides printable tools

As our population ages, practitioners find themselves working with older adults more frequently. Alcohol use problems among older adults are often underdiagnosed and undertreated, and there are few treatments designed specifically for this client group. This practical guide provides practitioners with up-to-date information on assessing and treating unhealthy alcohol use among older adults. With a focus on evidence-based treatments, it is highly relevant to practitioners working across a variety of settings. Through the author’s expertise, we learn about the prevalence of alcohol use among older adults, the models for understanding unhealthy use, and the different screening and assessment options as well as the treatment possibilities relevant to health care and social service providers. Assessment and treatment options highlight the need to consider lifespan development when providing care as well as the relevance of common life transitions and generational differences. Clinical pearls and vignettes illuminate treatment approaches and further sections discuss pharmacological interventions and cultural considerations. Printable tools are available in an appendix. This book is a must for practitioners from diverse settings who work with older adults.

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