Developing Anti-Racist Cultural Competence

Developing Anti-Racist Cultural Competence

von Rehman Abdulrehman

Reihe: Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice - Band 54

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Developing Anti-Racist Cultural Competence
ISBN: 9780889375154
2024, viii/88 Seiten
Erscheint März 2024
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Developing Anti-Racist Cultural Competence

Learn to understand how you see others with this no-nonsense, practical guide

  • Teaches cultural humility
  • Provides practical guidance
  • Addresses internalized racism

In today’s society, anti-racist cultural competence is an essential skill and not something meant only to be addressed by some. Issues tied to resolving racism and understanding and including diverse cultural points of view remain highly conflictual – and the ability to deal with these issues effectively is often hindered by fear, anxiety, and a misunderstanding of what it means to be culturally competent without making people feel like outsiders. While many other models of cultural competence approach the issue as though looking into a fishbowl, this book views the issue as everyone swimming in the water together, as part of a common ecosystem and community.

Abdulrehman provides a direct, no-nonsense, and practical approach to this challenging and complex topic, using real-life examples to help the reader to approach sensitive cultural issues confidently and humbly. He looks in detail at how we can understand our biases and how they impact our engagement and trust with marginalized people of color. The less addressed issues of ethnic and cultural identity development, and understanding internalized racism and how it too can impact cross-cultural engagement are also presented. This book provides a unique perspective that addresses anti-racism and cross-cultural interactions as a process for better understanding how you see the world – a very different process than merely describing how others see the world differently from you. This volume is suitable not only for psychology professionals, but anyone who wants to explore what it means to be anti-racist and culturally competent.

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