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Health Psychology for All: Equity, Inclusiveness, and Transformation

Hogrefe set up shop at the 34th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society (EHPS), 4-8 September 2023 in Bremen, Germany. Attendees who visited our booth could learn more about our books and journals, with special mention of our European Journal of Health Psychology from Editor-in-Chief Professor Heike Spaderna, PhD.

Equity, Inclusiveness, and Transformation

The theme of this year's conference was equity, inclusiveness, and transformation. Hogrefe Publishing asked Dr. Spaderna how the European Journal of Health Psychology fulfills this brief. This is what she said:

“Equity and inclusiveness have gained considerable attention during the last decade and it has become clear that they constitute key elements in sustainable health care. However, the transformation of health care systems, health-care delivery and prevention has only just begun.

“For Health Psychology to be useful in this process theories and interventions have to be developed along the needs of a wide range of societal groups. Balanced and inclusive samples are warranted to arrive at empirical findings that matter. Efforts have to be increased to reach vulnerable populations, to make interventions more accessible and to tailor programs to specific needs. Digital innovations are one promising approach in this regard.

“The European Journal of Health Psychology contributes to this brief. A forthcoming special issue edited by Verena Klusmann and Theda Radtke will cover the significance of digitalization for health from a psychological perspective. Another special issue is in preparation that will highlight current conceptualizations and operationalizations of health and their relevance for transformation towards equity and inclusiveness. And of course, the journal publishes empirical studies with balanced and well-recruited samples. One example is an in-press article on ambivalence toward preventive measures in the context of COVID-19. To compare facets of ambivalence towards preventive measures between vaccinated and unvaccinated adults, Hahn and Walther (in press) took care to include participants from Telegram groups of German skeptics of the COVID-19 preventive measures. Apparently, these unvaccinated citizens have a rather complex pattern of univalent negative attitudes and ambivalent subjective experiences.”

Hahn, L. & Walther, E. (in press). Ambivalence toward the implementation of preventive measures in (un-)vaccinated German citizens. European Journal of Health Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1027/2512-8442/a000137

Heike Spaderna, PhD


Open Access Transformation

Hogrefe continues to transform the journal landscape by promoting and encouraging authors to publish their articles open access. With our OpenMind program, authors have for some years been able to choose to have their article published and widely available in conventional form or to publish it open access upon payment of an article publication charge (APC). See what open access articles we have available here. And green open access is also available to all authors – the accepted manuscript version can be shared and deposited in appropriate repositories without embargo, no matter which publication model authors choose.

In addition, more than 100 institutions in Germany and Switzerland have signed up to a so-called transformative agreement for the open access transformation of the Hogrefe PsyJournals suite of journals. This enables authors at participating institutions to publish open access without having to pay an APC directly. Similar publish-and-read agreements for other groups are in the pipeline.

European Journal of Health Psychology

The European Journal of Health Psychology aims to publish high quality empirical or experimental research as well as sound practice-oriented articles, current methodological developments, and comprehensive critical reviews of the scientific literature in the field of health psychology.

Under the careful guidance of Editor-in-Chief Dr. Heike Spaderna and her team of associate editors and reviewers, it strives to promote theory and practice in the analysis of psychological approaches to health and disease.

Heike Spaderna, PhD, Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Health Psychology

“I would love to read more in our journal about the implementation of health psychology in practice settings. The European Journal of Health Psychology welcomes best practice examples, theory-based evaluations of programs for all kinds of people and needs. Send them in, get them published, and contribute to the transformation.”

Other resources

Amid a constantly changing psychological landscape, Hogrefe remains in-step with the latest research in our book publications. For instance, with two existing book series and another on the horizon, the scientific editors of our book series are always on the lookout for new and exciting themes, or equally to update existing materials with the latest research in the form of new editions.

Our book series Advances in Psychotherapy – Evidence-Based Practice [APT] and Psychological Assessment – Science and Practice [PASP] both have a shared goal of pushing their respective fields forward. Our APT series provides practical evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the most common disorders seen in clinical practice. The PASP series focuses on critical issues and developments in assessment, discussing well-known as well as novel assessment tools. The APT series features a large selection of volumes that span across various topics, covering themes in behavioral medicine, addictions, and other serious mental illnesses to name a few. On the other hand, the PASP series strives to incorporate a comprehensive selection of assessment tools within each volume.

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