Book of the Month

December 2023

Our book of the month for December 2023 is Movies and Mental Illness, 5th ed., by Danny Wedding.

The popular, critically acclaimed text on psychopathology in movies – now including the latest movies and more

  • Explores films according to the diagnostic criteria of DSM-5 and ICD-11
  • Provides psychological ratings of nearly 1,500 films
  • Includes downloadable teaching materials

View our Online Book Launch

Award-winning psychologist Danny Wedding, PhD, MPH, joined us for a virtual live book launch for the latest release of his 5th edition of Movies and Mental Illness. Thank you also to Dr. Don Grant and Dr. Frank Farley for their support of this important new edition. If you weren't able to attend or you would simply like to watch again, click below for the recording.

Get 15% discount on the print edition or eBook of Movies and Mental Illness, 5th ed., using code BOMO1223 (the code is valid until 31 December 2023).

Latest books of the month

November 2023

The series Advances in Psychotherapy - Evidence-Based Practice provides therapists with practical evidence-based guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of the most common disorders seen in clinical practice - and does so in a uniquely reader-friendly manner. One strand is dealing with specific disorders, another with methods and approaches. Each book is both a compact how-to reference for use by professional clinicians in their daily work, as well as an ideal educational resource for students and for practice-oriented continuing education. The most important feature of the books is that they are practical and reader-friendly. All have a similar structure, and each is a compact and easy-to-follow guide covering all aspects of practice that are relevant in real life. Tables, boxed clinical pearls, and marginal notes assist orientation, while checklists for copying and summary boxes provide tools for use in daily practice.

October 2023

Quick and comprehensive information on psychotropic drugs for children and adolescents.

  • Accurate and up-to-date
  • Specific to children and adolescents
  • Charts and tables help decision-making
  • Icons and full color

September 2023

A one-stop book for anyone who wants a clear overview of the research approaches and issues concerning suicide:

  • Learn to use the appropriate methods
  • Improve the quality of your data
  • Get to know state-of-the-art approaches
  • Written by leading experts

August 2023

Help people with intellectual disabilities improve their mental health and quality of life

  • Introduces a new emotional development, evidence-based model
  • Details phases and milestones of development for people with ID
  • Explains challenging behaviour and mental health problems according to the model
  • Detailed guidance on how to apply the approach in practice
  • Full of case examples

July 2023

This is the “go-to” handbook for practitioners wanting to use character strengths with clients:

  • Written by one of the international experts in character strengths
  • Explores the science, practice essentials, and advanced issues
  • 70 evidence-based step-by-step activity handouts
  • 24 summary sheets for each strength

June 2023

Learn how to select the right positive psychology (PP) assessment tool for the right situation

  • Written by internationally renowned authors
  • Looks at well-being, traits, states, and behavior
  • Presents the relevant psychometric properties
  • Considers assessment challenges
  • Recommends selection in different settings
  • Explores new directions in PP

May 2023

Learn how to apply positive psychiatry to increase patient collaboration and help patients increase resilience and competencies:

  • Presents over 40 applications
  • Full of case vignettes and stories
  • Explores recovery-oriented care

April 2023

Learn how to assess and treat clients at risk of suicide

  • Incorporates the latest research
  • Highlights the best risk assessment and treatment practices
  • Presents new models explaining the development of suicidal ideation
  • Clear guidance on crisis management and documentation
  • Full of hands-on tips, case examples, and clinical pearls

March 2023

A comprehensive, evidence-based guide to the role of psychology in cancer care

  • Multidisciplinary authors provide a holistic overview
  • Details the key principles and models of cancer-related distress
  • Guides through assessment and treatment
  • Illustrated with case studies
  • Printable tools for clinical use

February 2023

A unique, evidence-based treatment manual for repairing parent–child relationships

This unique manual, bringing together the vast experience of the author, outlines the many situations numerous families currently face and why the need for reunification therapy exists. The manual expertly guides clinicians through pretreatment decisions and
processes to enable them to decide where, when, and in what form reunification therapy is appropriate, taking into account ethical, legal, and special family issues. Detailed chapters outline the structure and issues for the individual and conjoint sessions, as well as a step-by-step treatment plan template. Additional tools in the Appendix enable clinicians to monitor and effectuate change.

January 2023

Learn research-based skills to increase self-awareness, improve relationships and manage problems, with Ryan Niemiec, author of Mindfulness and Character Strengths – the basis of this Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice (MBSP) program:

What you will gain from this program:

  • Deepen your knowledge of your best qualities and those of others
  • Boost mindfulness as an always-available approach to use in life
  • Cultivate strengths awareness and strengths use to create positive life changes
  • Learn concrete practices to boost happiness and manage stress and difficulties

December 2022

A valuable resource for psychiatrists and other mental health service providers wanting to use person-centered approaches

  • Holistic approach to mental health care
  • Practical tools for service users and providers
  • Illustrated with case examples
  • Full of printable handouts

November 2022

A compact guide to the assessment and treatment of Internet addiction:

  • Disentangles the debates on terminology and diagnosis
  • Latest knowledge on the assessment and treatment
  • Hands on guidance for carrying out group CBT
  • Printable tools for assessment and treatment

October 2022

Hands-on, evidence-based guidance on hoarding disorder for busy professionals:

  • Latest knowledge on the assessment and treatment of hoarding disorder
  • How to carry out the first-line treatment – CBT for hoarding disorder
  • Special sections on hoarding in older individuals and hoarding with animals
  • Tips on legal and logistical problems

September 2022

Learn about the latest key applied psychological methods and techniques in aviation:

  • Expert guidance from academia and industry
  • Based on the latest research
  • Practice oriented

August 2022

Positive CBT integrates positive psychology and solution-focused brief therapy within a cognitive-behavioral framework. It focuses on building what’s right, not on reducing what is wrong.

  • Learn about the evidence-base for positive CBT
  • Teach clients what works for them with the treatment protocols
  • Download client workbooks

July 2022

Completely new translation of Rorschach’s Psychodiagnostics

  • Newly translated and annotated by experts from the field
  • New introductory chapters
  • Illustrated with photos and drawings from the archives

June 2022

Learn about the key issues when assessing and treating older adults with mental health problems

  • Expert guidance through the key topics
  • Highlights the best assessment and treatment practices
  • Addresses diversity, ethical, and health system issues
  • Full of real-life case examples
  • Resources in the appendix to test your knowledge

May 2022

Quick and comprehensive information on psychotropic drugs for adults

  • Accurate and up-to-date
  • Comparison charts help decision-making
  • Icons with full color
  • Available both in print and online
  • Downloadable patient information sheets

The Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs has become a standard reference and working tool for psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other mental health professionals.

April 2022

Second edition of the Narrative Exposure Therapy manual, an effective, short-term, culturally universal intervention for trauma victims

Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) is a successful and culturally universal intervention for the treatment of survivors of multiple and severe traumatic events, such as organized violence, torture, war, rape, and childhood abuse. Field tests in contexts of ongoing adversity and disaster areas, as well as controlled trials in various countries, have shown that three to six sessions can be sufficient to provide considerable relief. This edition of the clearly structured and easy-to-follow NET manual includes the insights and treatments for dissociation and social pain.

March 2022

Help medical and other health care students successfully prepare for behavioral science foundation courses and examinations:

  •  Comprehensive, trustworthy, and up-to-date
  •  Quick access to information in case examples, tables, charts etc.
  •  Art and poetry humanize and enliven the material
  •  Includes USMLE-style review Q & As

February 2022

New fully revised edition:

  • Updated information on 8 new Core Sets and the Generic Sets
  • Includes ICD-11 codes
  • New details on the Core Set development process
  • New section on ICF-based tools
  • Five detailed case examples

January 2022

Optimize the delivery of school psychology services with this book:

  • Presents a unique consultation and intervention model
  • Interlinks primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and intervention applications
  • Addresses specific student and school-level needs
  • Online resources and handouts

December 2021

Clear and compact guidance on integrating mindfulness into practice

This clear and concise book provides practical, evidence-based guidance on the use of mindfulness in treatment: its mechanism of action, the disorders for which there is empirical evidence of efficacy, mindfulness practices and techniques, and how to integrate them into clinical  practice. Leading experts describe the concepts and roots of mindfulness, as well as examining the science that has led to this extraordinarily rich and ancient practice becoming a foundation to many contemporary, evidenced-based approaches in psychotherapy.

November 2021

Help people with intellectual disabilities improve their mental health and quality of life

  • Introduces a new emotional development, evidence-based model
  • Details phases and milestones of development for people with ID
  • Explains challenging behavior and mental health problems according to the model
  • Detailed guidance on how to apply the approach in practice
  • Full of case examples