Hogrefe at ICP 2021 - 32nd International Congress of Psychology

Welcome to our online booth at the ICP 2021. Please browse through the collection of assessments, books, and journals we have put together, which we trust will be helpful to you in your daily work.

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Our team collaborates with authors and researchers to create assessments for use with individuals from infancy through older adult development. Our teams are dedicated to providing our customers with the most widely-used assessments, whether as adaptations or completely new content. For more than two decades we have been building the online Hogrefe Test System to provide innovative ways of measuring an individual’s knowledge and understanding their behavior.

Occupational tests

  • NEO Personality Inventory, Third Edition UK (NEO-PI-3)
  • Dark Triad of Personality at Work (TOP)
  • Leadership Judgement Indicator, 2nd Edition (LJI-2)
  • Business Inventory of Personality – 6 Factors (BIP-6F) Second Edition
  • Creative Response Evaluation – Work (CRE-W)
  • Emotional Processing Scale – Well-being (EPS-W)
  • Power and Performance Measures – Revised
  • d2 Test of Attention – Revised (d2-R)

Clinical tests

  • Intelligence and Development Scales - 2nd Edition (IDS-2)
  • Early Sociocognitive Battery (ESB)
  • Cattell’s Fluid Intelligence Test, Scale 2 (CFT-20-R)
  • Integrative Child Temperament Inventory (ICTI)
  • Griffiths Scales of Child Development, Third Edition (Griffiths III)
  • Emotional Processing Scale (EPS)

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Our readers can choose from titles in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, healthcare, medicine and nursing. Regardless of whether it is a textbook, a treatment manual for experts, or an easy to understand guide for non-professionals – our titles are always scientifically-based and written for professionals. Most titles are available in the common electronic formats (EPUB and PDF) for use on a mobile reader or computer, and our e-Library provides university libraries, hospitals and other institutions with technology that meets current requirements and is tailored to the needs of students and scientists.

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Advances in Psychotherapy book series

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Together with numerous editors and contributors, we support young authors and provide practical help and advice. Our collection of journals in both English and German comprehensively cover our medical and psychological subject areas. Whether you need individual articles or current or older issues, you can access our e-Journals at any time via our state-of-the-art platform. Our journal subscriptions include electronic access for individuals and small institutions, and e-Only subscriptions are also available.

  • Aviation Psychology and Applied Human Factors
  • Crisis
  • European Journal of Health Psychology
  • European Journal of Psychological Assessment
  • European Psychologist
  • Experimental Psychology
  • GeroPsych
  • International Perspectives in Psychology
  • Journal of Individual Differences
  • Journal of Media Psychology
  • Journal of Personnel Psychology
  • Journal of Psychophysiology
  • Psychological Test Adaptation and Development
  • Rorschachiana
  • Social Psychology
  • Zeitschrift für Psychologie

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