Emotions and Aggressive Behavior

Emotions and Aggressive Behavior

Edited by: Georges Steffgen, Mario Gollwitzer

Emotions and Aggressive Behavior (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616763435
1st edition 2007, 239 pages
Emotions and Aggressive Behavior

Understanding the relationship between emotions and aggressive behavior is crucial for finding solutions for efficient control, prevention, and reduction of aggression, as well as being of theoretical relevance. In this state-of-the-art book, leading experts from social, personality, developmental, and physiological psychology describe assessment and treatment approaches, as well as theoretical concepts and research findings.

From the reviews

"Steffgen and Gollwitzer have managed well to bring together a variety of disciplines and theoretical perspectives into one book publication... Scientific findings are presented in clear language and the broad range of topics provides a well-structured overview of the complexity of the issue... This book is a valuable resource, particularly because of the thorough literature reviews provided in most chapters and because of the novel focus on the connection between emotions and aggressive behavior."
Grit Neumann in Journal of Public Health, Vol. 16, 2008

"Steffgen and Gollwitzer have done well to bring together such a ranging array of disciplines and theoretical perspectives into one cohesive text. Readers interested in developmental perspectives of aggression, aggression treatment, biological influences, neurological influences and/or social influences will certainly find something of value. The structure of the text was a useful one, commencing with historical perspectives and ending with individual development. The latter is a particularly welcome component to this area of research, including chapters focusing on childhood and adolescence through the illustration of single studies or reviews of topics. The value of some chapters was certainly in their contribution to the area via the presentation of new empirical data."
Jane L. Ireland, PhD, in the International Society for Research and Aggression Bulletin, June 2008

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