Knowledge and Action

Knowledge and Action

Edited by: Dieter Frey, Heinz Mandl, Lutz von Rosenstiel

Knowledge and Action (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616762995
1st edition 2006, 203 pages
Knowledge and Action

Understanding the relationship between knowledge and action is vital, because without knowledge there is often no action and because knowledge can strongly influence actions. However, there is often considerable inconsistency between knowledge and action, and the research available on this relationship is not widely known.This intriguing volume provides help by summarizing the findings of the research group “Knowledge and Action,” which was funded by the German Science Foundation and includes leading scholars from relevant areas such as social psychology, cognitive psychology, work and organizational psychology, educational psychology, and developmental psychology.The chapters included in this book therefore examine the action-relevant function of knowledge in different areas, as well as investigating the effects that the acquisition of knowledge has on action in certain fields.

Table of Contents

Dieter Frey, Heinz Mandl, & Lutz von Rosenstiel
The Role of Implemental Versus Deliberative Mindsets in Goal-Setting and Goal-Directed Persistence
Veronika Brandstätter & Elisabeth Frank
Biased Information Seeking After Decisions
Eva Jonas, Stefan Schulz-Hardt, Peter Fischer, & Dieter Frey
Fostering Reflection in the Training of Speech-Receptive Action
Michael Henninger & Heinz Mandl
The Implications of Veridical Causal Knowledge for the Functionality of Reactions
Friedrich Försterling
Self-Management Training (SMT)
Hugo M. Kehr & Lutz von Rosenstiel
The Actiotope
Albert Ziegler, Kurt A. Heller, Barbara Schober, & Markus Dresel
Knowledge – Experience – Action
André Büssing, Britta Herbig, & Annika Latzel
"The authors of each chapter discuss theory and research in depth.
"With this material, programs could be developed to help students improve schoolperformance or people in leadership roles improve decision-making."
"The book ends with a good chapter revealing relationships between knowledge, experience, and action. Themany tables and figures go a long way toward explaining the written material."
"For theoreticians and researchers in this field, this book isimportant reading."
Gary B. Kaniuk, PsyD (Cermak Health Services) in Doody's Book Review

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