Effective Consultation in School Psychology

Edited by: Ester Cole, Jane A. Siegel

Effective Consultation in School Psychology (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616762520
2nd revised and expanded edition 2003, 523 pages
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Since the first edition of this book appeared over a decade ago, school psychology research, knowledge and skills have expanded and yet the field continues to face challenges. The book’s model continues to be taught and to impact on professional development in school systems in many countries. The aim of this substantially revised and expanded edition is to strengthen service delivery models by incorporating primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention, for the benefit of students, parents, educators, and present and future school psychologists. Major questions addressed include: What can school psychologists do to enhance students’ learning and psychosocial adaptation? Why is it advisable to adopt a consultative model of service in education? How can school psychologists assist educators in planning effective school-based programs and services? How can school psychologists support the adaptation of multicultural school communities? The book provides practical assistance to school psychologists who wish to free themselves from the narrow constraints of testing, assists them in identifying the models, skills, and tools they need for fostering a consultative approach, and provides them with useful information for implementation. Table of Contents
Part 1: Perspectives on Consultation and Training • Role Expansion for School Psychologists: Challenges and Future Directions, Jane A. Siegel and Ester Cole • Multidisciplinary School Teams: A Five-Year Follow-up Study, Ester Cole and Rob Brown • Canadian Consultation in an International Context: A Review of the Literature, Ingrid E. Sladeczek, Nancy Lee Heath, Aron Blidner and Lisa Marie Lanaro • Problem-Solving Consultation in the New Millennium, Ingrid E. Sladeczek, Thomas R. Kratochwill, C. Lisa Steinbach, Patrick Kumke and Lisa Hagermoser • What Does it Mean to Consult? Teeya Scholten • Integrating School and Clinical Child Psychology: An Innovative Model for Training School Psychologists, Esther Geva, Judith Wiener, Michele Peterson-Badali, and Nancy Link
Part 2: The Psychologist as a Change Agent • Collaborative Consultation Training in a Multicultural Context, Solveiga Miezitis • Parent-Teacher Mediated Intervention: A Growth-Promoting Process, Ester Cole • Underachieving Adolescents: Assessment and Intervention, Janet Zarb • Empowerment Plus: A “Wholistic” Approach to Cost-Effective Psychological Service Delivery in the Area of AD/HD, Teeya Scholten • School Psychology in Multicultural Inclusive Communities: Responding to Childrens’ Needs, Ester Cole and Jane A. Siegel • Bringing Narrative Thinking into School Psychology Practice, Ilze Arielle Matiss • Deaf Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Different Kind of Multiculturalism? C. Tane Akamatsu and Ester Cole • Collaborative Consultation in French Immersion: Observing Communication and Interaction Patterns, Laurie Carlson Berg • Consulting about Young Children: An Ecosystemic Developmental Perspective, Sharone Maital and Anat Scher
Part 3: Consultation in School-Based Programs • Appraisal for a Better Curriculum, Jane A. Siegel and Ester Cole • Suicide Prevention in the Schools: Facing the Challenge, Ester Cole and Jane A. Siegel • Violence Prevention in Schools: Knowledge, Skills and Interventions, Ester Cole • Violence Prevention in Secondary Schools: A Project for Raising Awareness and Facilitating Action, Glenn DiPasquale "Overall, this is a sound and comprehensive text that integrates research, theory, and clinmical practice in a way that captures the essence of the scientist-practitioner approach. For students, this is a good introduction with the potential to help the novice feel confident to embrace the opportunities and cope with challenges of this relatively new approach to service deliveries in schools. For new (or even experienced) clinicians, this serves as an excellent desk reference for consultation in the schools."
Janine Montgomery in the Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 2008, Vol. 23

"This publication would be a valuable resource for any school psychologist. It can be recommended as a textbook as the basis of training courses and as a source of reference material, within university, community groups and school situations. It encourages creative thinking while presenting a wide range of ideas covering children at all age and school levels, the involvement of parents, individual teachers, school and community."
Selma Best in Australian Journal of Learning Disabilities, 2003, Vol. 8

"...provides a wealth of information about the multiple and interacting influences on children’s learning and behavior, and the numerous avenues available to provide effective interventions at many levels. This book is certain to have wide appeal and utility to both experienced psychologists and psychological associates who provide services in education, as well as those in the process of training...the contributions made by the various authors serve as testimony to the creativity, depth and breadth of knowledge, skills and resources that can and should be offered for the benefit of students, parents and educators."
Howard Jobin, PhD, and Cheryl Pohlman, PhD, in Psychology Ontario 7, September 2004

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