Impact of Culture on Human Interaction

Clash or Challenge?

Edited by: Hede Helfrich, Andrey V. Dakhin, Erich Hölter, Igor V. Arzhenovskiy

Impact of Culture on Human Interaction (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616763640
1st edition 2008, 456 pages
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Impact of Culture on Human Interaction

Will cultural diversity inevitably result in a "clash" (antagonism) between cultural groups, or can we rise to the "challenge" of applying global standards of thought and behavior across diverse cultures? This is the main question examined in this unique book.

Based on experiences and research in the context of the political, social, and economic reconstruction of the former Soviet Union, the book focuses on the risks and opportunities of intercultural cooperation and cultural diversity.

The first part examines the administrative and political reforms in contemporary Russia from a comparative viewpoint. Capturing the polarities between governmental centralization and social self-organization, the contributions diagnose the roots of social conflicts in Russia and other countries and try to identify societal characteristics that may provide opportunities for mutual transfer of knowledge between East and West.

The second part analyzes universal versus culture-specific aspects of human resource management. It addresses similarities and differences in values, work motivation, and decision-making in different cultures. As well as outlining future trends of cultural divergence and cultural convergence, possible means of promoting cultural synergy and concrete examples of this in the fields of economics and education are presented and evaluated.

The uniqueness of the book lies in its interdisciplinary and international perspectives: Experts in the fields of sociology, philosophy, economics, psychology, political science, and administration from Russia, Moldavia, Germany, The Netherlands, the USA, China, South Korea, and Japan help to bridge the gap between different disciplines as well as between different countries.

Providing new theoretical insights as well as practical advice, this volume is of interest to a wide audience, including researchers and students of the above fields, as well as managers in business, administration, and education.

From the reviews

"What is the future of globalization? At this time in world history, when the continuing integration of the global economy shows no signs of abating, Impact of Culture on Human Interaction: Clash or Challenge? poses this important question: Will globalization somehow absorb the ethnocultural diversity in host countries and lead to common standards of global thinking and acting (“the challenge”), or will there be a mounting backlash and some eventual return to traditional national values (“the clash”)? Forty-one scholars from 10 nations address this question with essays from a variety of disciplines: psychology, economics, public administration, international law, management, political science, international business, and sociology. This multidisciplinary approach makes this book intriguing. Rarely do we see the same question addressed from so many different vantage points... I would recommend this book as an excellent primer for internationally oriented researchers who are researching cultural changes or who are teaching an introductory course on globalization and the potential of “challenge or clash.” It would also be of special interest to observers of the changes taking place in Russia today."
Harold Takooshian, PhD, in PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 54, 2009

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