People, Places, and Sustainability

People, Places, and Sustainability

Edited by: Gabriel Moser, Enric Pol, Yvonne Bernard, Mirilia Bonnes, José A. Corraliza, Vittoria Giuliani

People, Places, and Sustainability (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616762636
1st edition 2002, 347 pages
Out of print
People, Places, and Sustainability

Sustainable development involves satisfying the needs of the present generation without compromising the chances for future generations. Quality of life thus plays an important part in determining how we can achieve sustainable development. What are the perspectives for the 21st century? People, Places and Sustainability presents new approaches to traditional issues of people-environment studies and environmental psychology, looked at in the light of sustainability. The book is divided into four main sections. Urban Change and Sustainability, Community, Attachment and Identity, Proximal and Specific Spaces, and Global Environment Issues and Ecological Behavior.

Table of Contents


Sustainability, people and places: An agenda for the future

Urban Change and Sustainability

Social and architectural legibility of the city
City of Cent$. Formalization and urban change
Dubai: The search for identity
The significance of the memory of urban spaces
Village and community as models for the sustainable city
Sustainable urban communities: History defying cultural conflict
The failure of man-environment studies in influencing design decisions

Community, Attachment and Identity

One attachment or more? Designing a sense of community. A cohousing case study
Tradition, change and continuity: A dialectical analysis of social and spatial patterns in home environments
Sustainable design: A question of community (visual) awareness
Accessibility or obstacles? Ethnic food and the immigrant experience: From city to suburb
Unity or fragmentation: Is there a center in person-environment studies?

Proximal and Specific Spaces

Work and home: Spatial implications of income generation in the domestic setting; The influence of a specific urban planning on sonic environment
The predictors of the feeling of crowding and crampedness in large residential buildings
A post occupancy evaluation of university educational buildings
Social sustainability and changes in environments designed for young children: The case of the French day-care centres
Occupational accident scenarios and work spaces in industrial environments

Global Environment Issues and Ecological Behavior

Overcoming expertocracy through sustainable development: the case of wastewater
Myths of nature and environmental management strategies. A field study on energy reductions in traffic and transport
Environmental attitudes and diffusion of innovations: The energy saving case
Predicting environmental attitudes and behaviour
Activating and inhibiting psychological factors related to sorting behaviour

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