Professional Sexual Misconduct in Institutions

Professional Sexual Misconduct in Institutions

Causes and Consequences, Prevention and Intervention

by Werner Tschan

Print edition
Professional Sexual Misconduct in Institutions (PDF & EPUB)
ISBN: 9781616764449
2014, xvi/216 pages
Print edition
Professional Sexual Misconduct in Institutions
ISBN: 9780889374447
2014, xvi/216 pages
Professional Sexual Misconduct in Institutions

Essential reading about a notoriously difficult problem: how abusive professionals manipulate their clients and what we as organizations and individuals can do about it.

Professional sexual misconduct (PSM) is a problem that is notoriously difficult to address and that can be a minefield for all concerned – for victims, for the institutions where it takes place –, and also because outstanding and supposedly responsible members of society may be accused of abuse.

Here, Werner Tschan, one of the world’s leading experts in dealing with PSM, outlines an up-to-date approach to PSM and professional disruptive behaviors. He describes practical ways to prevent PSM, as well as effective treatments for victims and to rehabilitate offenders or those accused. Using examples from real-life cases from around the world, he also discusses how PSM is a societal problem and what we can do to stop it. Recent headline cases involving a variety of organizations – medical, media, church, schools, sport, industry – show that institutions can be ideal environments for PSM, and so great emphasis is placed in this volume on preventive measures that we can and must take at an institutional level.

With clear, jargon-free writing this book is essential reading for all professionals interested in preventing and dealing with PSM, as well as of interest to victims and their families.

From the reviews:

"This is a very informative, comprehensive, and useful book. The book brings together materials and information from various countries and its recommendations and guidance could be used anywhere. It would be an invaluable resource not only for those treating victims of PSM and professional offenders, but also for administrators and leaders who develop policies and preventive measures for professional sexual misconduct … basically, all that one can and needs to know about PSM."
Richard Balon, MD, Wayne State University of School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, writing in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry (July 2015), 76 (7), e895

"Very little has appeared in the professional literature about PSM ...
"Written by an international expert in the field of treating professionals who exploit their patients as well as the victims of these violations, this book attempts to explain professional sexual misconduct (PSM) and offer hope to others in the field. This book provides a disturbing, yet useful look into all aspects of PSM. [It] is a well-written, easy-toread guide that can improve every clinician's understanding of the challenges of working in this field."

Steven T. Herron, MD (University of Arizona Health Sciences Center), writing in Doody's Notes, 2015

Praise for the book:

"This is a very informative book on a deeply important subject. It is essential for the professional functioning of all individuals in a fiduciary relationship with patients, clients and students."
Michael F. Myers, MD, former Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

"An invaluable resource for those working in rehabilitation of professionals who have breached fiduciary relationships."
Carolyn Quadrio, MD, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales, Sydney

"I admire Werner for tackling this taboo subject and speaking out for the victims of PSM. The complicated nature of PSM is clarified and possible remedies for perpetrators' rehabilitation and future prevention are provided."
Naoko Miyaji, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan

"This outstanding resource is written with empathy, experience, and a therapeutic perspective. I recommend this book to all those interested in the ethics of professional relationships."
Christoph Rehmann-Sutter, Professor of Theory and Ethics in the Biosciences, Lübeck University, Germany

"The most up-to-date and comprehensive of any book on the topic…Should be on everyone's bookshelf."
Gary Schoener, Clinical Psychologist and Director of Consulting & Training at Walk-In Counseling Center, Minneapolis, MN

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