Psyche in the Lab

Psyche in the Lab

Celebrating Brain Science in Canada

by Mary V. Seeman, Neil Seeman

Psyche in the Lab (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616763046
1st edition 2006, 258 pages
Out of print
Psyche in the Lab

Commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation, this volume celebrates the creativity and dedication of Canadian scientists who have helped unravel some of the mysteries of the mind over recent years. The authors used criterion-based techniques to select 16 leading scientists for semi-structured interviews, as well as well-known philanthropists, policy-makers, and psychiatric “survivors.” The fascinating interviews and reports not only show what motivates such outstanding individuals, but also describe what Canada and other countries can do to encourage more and better neuroscience. Of interest to clinicians, researchers, and students of psychiatry, as well as interested lay persons.

Those interviewed or reported on include researchers like Martin Alda, Dan Offord, Bruno Cormier, Cheryl Grady, Raymond Lam, Herta Guttman, Zindel Segal, Harvey Chochinov, Rémi Quirion, Philip Seeman, Rachel Morehouse, Katherine Hegadoren, Juan Carlos Negrete, Richard Swinson, Jeanette Holden, Patrick McGeer, Edith McGeer; as well as Doris Sommer-Rotenberg, Michael Alzamora, Don Tapscott, Ana Lopes, Ross Taylor, Beva Dudiak, Sandra Sharwood, Edward Bronfman, Michael H. Wilson, Earla Dunbar, Joseph Tanenbaum, Diana Tremain, Edward Tremain, Sandra Schulze, Jack Barr, and Renée Marier.

From the reviews

"This book, consisting of individual stories from researchers, fund donors and those who suffer, provides new insight for clinicians on how to perceive and view mental illness."

Praise for the book

"This book should be a run-away best seller. Anyone suffering from mental illness directly or through a family member or friend who wishes to learn a lot in a short time about mental illness should read this book. It reads well, draws on real life experiences and generates optimism about the achievements and success in the field. With 24% of Canadians likely to suffer some form of mental illness, how can it not be a best seller"
Michael H. Wilson, Chairman of UBS Canada

"Everyone loves a story , and the authors of this engaging book have crafted it so that we get a glimpse into the lives of those who are throwing light on psychiatric illness. Not only the researchers and those who support them, but also those who are suffering as well as relatives living with psychiatric illness are all highlighted in this compelling read. We see their passions and their frustrations and a little of what has made them who they are through the anecdotes recounted in each chapter.All those with a stake in mental illness should enjoy this book.
"Diane Froggatt, Secretary and Development Officer of World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders, Toronto

"The book is written in a clear, conversational style that can be understood by a reader with a minimal background in biology or medicine. Inspiring, educational and hopeful, this book is a 'must read' for anyone who wants to know more about our proud Canadian history in combating these 'silent killer' diseases."
Tak Wah Mak, Director of Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research, Toronto

"It is easy to feel discouraged in the face of the terrible pain and devastation caused by mental illness. There is so much we have yet to learn. Psyche in the Lab is a welcome antidote, filled with inspiring stories of progress, brilliance and compassion. This is a celebration of Canadian accomplishment, written with clarity, understanding and heart."
Alex Lowy, author of The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix

"A tribute to the dedication and humanity of Canadian researchers andresearch funders, deeply aware that mental disorders can affect any of ourfamily, our friends, our workmates, our fellow citizens. Sharing thisawareness and collaboration are keys to reduce the stigma and solve thepuzzle of mental disorders."
Alain Lesage

"The stigma about mental illness is pernicious and profound. However, Canadian mental health pioneer Mary Seeman and her colleagues, through a lifetime of tenacious work, have set the stage for a breakthrough in attitude and treatment. Their hard science has taught us to think of mental illness not as a failure of human character, but of brain biochemistry. Read this book and you'll see why; and embrace its insights and its message of hope, to help you better help sufferers in your own extended family to live well."
Don Tapscott, CEO New Paradigm, author of 10 books and with his wife Ana Lopes benefactor of the Tapscott Chair in Schizophrenia Studies at the University of Toronto.

"The Canadian Psychiatric Research Foundation is an answer to prayer; prayer that has been quietly offered up in every faith of the human race. This book celebrates the work of everyone: donors, volunteers and researchers that have been blessed by the opportunity to respond to the call. It also calls us on further. In my own years with the CPRF I have come to see these hands and hearts and work; it has been a privilege."
Paul K. Bates, Dean, DeGroote School of Business, McMaster University

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