The Psychology of Meditation

The Psychology of Meditation

Varieties, Effects, Theories, and Perspectives

by Peter Sedlmeier

Print edition
Print edition
The Psychology of Meditation
ISBN: 9780889375765
2022, viii/270 pages
Due October 2021
ca. €38.95
The Psychology of Meditation

All you need to know about the psychology of meditation:

  • Written by an expert in the field
  • Provides unique theories of meditation approaches
  • Explores traditional and Western approaches
  • Recommends how to improve future research
  • Explores new topics, e.g., negative effects

More about the book

What is meditation? What do people hope to get from practicing it and what do they really get? How can the effects of meditation be explained? And what are the best approaches to researching the psychology of meditation so we can understand more? This unique book by a leading expert provides state-of-the-art answers to these questions. Contrary to commonly accepted wisdom, meditation comes in a range of varieties and the reasons why people begin to meditate (and stay with it) are also numerous and varied. Even mindfulness, which is often (wrongly) used as a synonym for meditation, comes in many forms.

The book succinctly summarizes the beneficial effects found in the avalanche of studies available, especially in clinical contexts, and also explores recently emerging topics such as negative effects and the impact of ethics and spirituality. The author expertly provides theories of the four traditional meditation approaches, which has never been done before in this form, and gives a critical overview of Western approaches to explain the effects of meditation. In conclusion, he makes recommendations on how to improve future meditation research. This book is of interest to mental health practitioners, researchers, students interested in meditation and mindfulness approaches.

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