Back in the day

Travel back to 1949 via our timeline highlighting the roots of the Hogrefe Group with founder Dr. Carl Jürgen Hogrefe, all the way through our international growth.

  • The '40s and '60s
  • The '70s and '80s
  • The '90s and '00s
  • The '10s and onwards

The '40s and '60s

First Edition of Psychologische Rundschau a product of the Verlag für Psychologie, 1949
Prof. Dr. Johannes von Allesch
Dr. Carl Jürgen and his wife Gisela Hogrefe, 1948
Office of Dr. Carl Jürgen at the psychological insitut at Georg-August Unvierstity Göttingen

Foundation of the Hogrefe Group

The first issue of the scientific journal “Psychologische Rundschau” (“Psychological Review”) laid the foundation stone for the Hogrefe Group.

It was the result of a joint venture. The publisher was Professor Dr. Johannes von Allesch, who was both an academic teacher and Jürgen Hogrefe's supervisor. As university assistant and editor, Dr. Carl Jürgen Hogrefe took care of all other details and his wife Gisela Hogrefe supported him. 


Foundation of the Hogrefe Group


First report of the conference organized by the Germany Association of Psychology


Publication of the first book, “Konstitution und Entwicklung” by Wilfried Zeller.


Publication of the first test, “Intelligenz-Struktur-Test (IST)” by Rudolf Amthauer.


Founding of Testzentrale, Stuttgart (Germany).


Dr. Carl Jürgen Hogrefe leaves his job at Göttingen University and dedicates his time to developing the publishing company.


The first volume of the “Handbuch der Psychologie” in 12 volumes is published.

Conference Report
First book
First Assessment
First Catalogue of new Publications by the Publisher Verlag für Psychologie

The '70s and '80s


The company moves from the private home of the founder to its own dedicated premises at Rohnsweg 25, Göttingen (Germany).


Founding of C.J. Hogrefe, Inc., Toronto (Canada).


Dr. Christine Hogrefe, daughter of the publisher, designs the company signet which includes the initials of the founder and “Psi” for psychology. This is introduced with the first volume of “Enzyklopädie der Psychologie” in 1982.


The first volume of "Enzyklopädie der Psychologie” is being published. It was designed to cover all existing fields of psychology. To date 90 volumes have been published. 


Hogrefe acquires Verlag Hans Huber. The English-language publishing activities of Hogrefe and Huber are continued in a joint company, Hogrefe & Huber Publishers Inc.


Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe, son of the publisher, joins the company management at Verlag Hans Huber.


Founding of Testzentrale of the Swiss Psychologists, as the leading provider of psychological tests in Switzerland.

Hans Huber Verlag in Berne
Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe and Dr. Carl Jürgen Hogrefe, Frankfurt Book Fair 1982
"Enzyklopädie der Psychologie"

The '90s and '00s


Together with NFER-Nelson launched the initiative for establishing the European Test Publishers Group.


Testzentrale moves from Stuttgart to Göttingen, in a new building at Robert-Bosch-Breite 25.


With the release of our test software "Hogrefe Testsystem", electronic testing is introduced.


The company in Göttingen becomes Hogrefe Verlag GmbH & Co. KG and the founder passes overall responsibility to his son, Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe.


Acquisition of Beltz Test GmbH.


Dr. G.-Jürgen Hogrefe is elected as member of the board of management of the International Association of Scientific Technical and Medical Publishers (STM).

European Test Publisher Group first website
European Test Publisher Group counts 32 members today
Testzentrale in Robert-Bosch-Breite 25, Göttingen

Hogrefe goes online with its first website including a webshop.


Verlag Hans Huber acquires parts of the book list of Ullstein Medical expanding its nursing list.

First Hogrefe website including shop
Hogrefe website today

Foundation of the online job market PsychJOB.


Launch of Hogrefe training. First event on BIP (Business-Focused Inventory of Personality).


Founding of the Hogrefe Testzentrum in Prague (Czech Republic).


Founding of the umbrella company Hogrefe Verlagsgruppe GmbH.


'Explorix', the first electronic procedure to be carried out online is published.


The Test Agency Ltd. becomes part of the Hogrefe Group and continues as Hogrefe Ltd., Oxford (UK).


Hogrefe acquires a stake in Dansk Psykologisk Forlag Holding A/S, Copenhagen (Denmark).


Founding of Hogrefe Austria GmbH, Vienna (Austria).


Founding of Éditions Hogrefe France, Paris (France).


Founding of Hogrefe Uitgevers BV, Amsterdam (Netherlands).


Psykologiförlaget becomes part of the Hogrefe Group and continues as Hogrefe Psykologiförlaget AB, Stockholm (Sweden).


Acquisition in Göttingen of a new main office building in the Merkelstrasse and of a new distribution and warehouse building in Herbert-Quandt-Strasse.

All destinations of the Hogrefe Publishing Group, 2024

The '10s and onwards


The test division of Dansk Psykologisk Forlag becomes fully part of the Hogrefe Group and continues as Hogrefe Psykologisk Forlag A/S, Copenhagen (Denmark).


Launch of the Hogrefe eLibrary.


Founding of Hogrefe Editore, Florence (Italy).


Sale of the bookstores Huber & Lang in Bern and Zurich (Switzerland) as well as the subscription agency to Lehmanns Media.


Consulting division established.


Psykologien Kustannus Oy in Finland becomes part of the Hogrefe Group and continues as Hogrefe Psykologien Kustannus Oy, Helsinki (Finland).


Founding of the Group Executive Board, as the top executive management team of the Hogrefe Group.


CETEPP (Centro Editor de Testes e Pesquisas em Psicologia) in Brazil becomes part of the Hogrefe Group and continues as Editora Hogrefe CETEPP, São Paulo.


A new brand identity unites all companies of the Hogrefe Group.

In 1981 Dr. Christine Hogrefe, daughter of the publisher, designs the company signet which includes the initials of the founder and “Psi” for psychology.
2005 the umbrella brand „Hogrefe” was introduced as uniform design element for all companies in the Hogrefe Group.
2015 a new brand identity is established for the entire Hogrefe Publishing Group. The publishing house Hans Huber operates under the Hogrefe umbrella brand.

TEA Ediciones in Spain becomes part of the Hogrefe Group. TEA Ediciones is the leading Spanish developer and publisher of psychological tests.


The publishing division of CEGOC in Portugal becomes part of the Hogrefe Group and continues as Editora Hogrefe, Lda. (Lisbon).


We celebrated our 70th anniversary.


Hogrefe eContent relaunch - new and fresh look for our journal platform.


We celebrate 100 years of Dorsch and the new Dorsch online portal.