The Hogrefe Taste

One thing that we have in common across the Hogrefe Group: we love to share a meal. From the careful choice of ingredients, to the preparation and enjoyment of the cuisine itself, food lets us celebrate our heritage and our diversity; two things integral to Hogrefe. From southern Brazil to northernmost Norway, you can find some of our very favorite local recipes below. We hope you enjoy the international choice and flavors as much as we do!

Cook our Finnish favorite

Blueberry pie (PDF download)

Cook our German favorite

Potato salad (PDF download)

Cook our French favorite

Veal stew with morels (PDF download)

Cook our Swiss favorite

Berner rösti (PDF download)

Cook our Italian favorite

Penne with Tuscan sausage (PDF download)

Cook our British favorite

Scones (PDF download)

Cook our Danish favorite

Rye bread with cold smoked herring (PDF download)

Cook our Czech favorite

Garlic soup with potato (PDF download)

Cook our Austrian favorite

Dumplings with vanilla sauce and poppy seeds (PDF download)

Cook our Dutch favorite

Meatballs (PDF download)

Cook our Swedish favorite

Jansson’s Temptation (PDF download)

Cook our Norwegian favorite

Waffles with a little something on the side (PDF download)

Cook our Spanish favorite

Potato omelette (PDF download)

Cook our Portuguese favorite

Cod à Brás (PDF download)

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