More than a publisher

We don’t see ourselves as simply a publisher, but as a partner and a provider of science for our customers. We do not take for granted the trust you give us when you work with our team, and we want you to grow and learn from our products. Service and quality are always our first priorities, so that you have what you need from us for success.


Eine Gruppe von Menschen arbeitet an einem Tisch gemeinsam bunten Post-Its und Stiften an einem Konzept.

In our publishing divisions, we attach great importance to the digital transformation of our content, as our world continues to demand more accessible products. Our publications range from the classic paper book to innovative online assessments, all designed to prepare scientific findings in a customer-friendly manner.


Teilnehmende eines Seminars.

Our training programs, both in-person and online, make it possible for our customers to learn about the latest in assessment development and to understand how specific instruments can be administered and interpreted. We use these events as an opportunity to build a community of users designed to support each other, as working together we can improve and ease the lives of others.


Selecting and developing employees are two of the most important processes a company can undertake. We use our business expertise to support your work and help you make the right decision for your team. Our portfolio includes feedback services, assessment centers and training to cover all aspects involved in the selection and development of your talent. 


Eine lächelnde Frau mit einem Tablet in der Hand.

PsychJOB is the online job market for German speaking applicants and companies in the field of psychology and its diverse professional work. With this unique specialization we are able to support a network of psychologists, and bring together employers and applicants for a perfect fit.