The Psychology of Talent

The Psychology of Talent

Exploring and Exploding the Myths

por Robert Edenborough, Marion Edenborough

The Psychology of Talent
ISBN: 9780889373969
1st edition 2012, viii/152 páginas
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The Psychology of Talent


Managing and nurturing talent at the workplace – this book provides practical and well-founded guidance for psychologists and HR professionals, as well as exploding numerous myths surrounding talent.

The core concepts in this book are the idea of talent, how it can be assessed, and how it can be nurtured and put to effective use in the workplace. Line managers, HR professionals, business or industrial/organizational psychologists, and consultants will find their understanding challenged and extended - and are shown how to improve their professional practices. The authors explore various psychological tools and approaches that can be pressed into service in connection with talent. Uniquely, they also set the psychological assessment of talent in the context of attitudes to talent and various myths and misunderstandings about it. The positive psychology/strengths movement and the relation between psychology and talent management are also explored in a clear and objective manner. This easy-to-read volume will be of interest to anyone concerned with understanding how talent can be pressed into service to improve performance in the workplace.

Recent Praise:

"Robert and Marion Edenborough bring research, a wide knowledge of various psychological theories, experience in the field, and wisdom to their discussion of talent. They take complex concepts and make them understandable through examples, stories, graphs, and charts. Their insights about talent challenge many traditional beliefs and are directly applicable to individuals, teams, and managers. This is a "must read" for anyone interested in hiring or developing staff!"
Christy Hammer, PhD, Former Senior Analyst and Leader of International Development with Gallup

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