Introducing the Intelligence and Development Scales – 2nd Edition

Evaluate the whole child with the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available.

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Early Sociocognitive Battery (ESB)

An innovative measure of social communication skills and deficits in young children aged 2 to 5 years.

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Business-focused Inventory of Personality – 6 Factors (BIP-6F) Second Edition

A brief and reliable business-focused assessment of personality for use in the workplace.

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Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status – Extended (SPANS-X)

A bigger, bolder, and more precise assessment of acquired brain injury, dementia, and other neurological and neuropsychological disorders

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Clinical assessments

We provide a wide range of both paper and pencil and online clinical psychology tests in diverse areas such as behaviour, neuropsychology, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

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Child Development
Child development tests

Our range of child development tests measure key developmental stages, intelligence, behaviour, emotions, and educational attainment levels for paediatric, psychological and educational contexts.

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HR and occupational psychometrics

Our assessment portfolio consists of a wide range of validated psychometrics, helping you make objective people decisions.

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SPANS-X: Extended norms, extra modality, and exceptional utility

The SPANS-X is a battery of neuropsychological tests for accurate cognitive measurement. This new extended version allows for reliable remote administration and features extended norms spanning 18 to 90 years, as well as individual percentiles and critical cut-off scores for each age. The 'X' in 'SPANS-X' stands for extended, extra and exceptional utility; it’s a bigger, bolder, and more precise assessment of acquired brain injury, dementia, and other neurological and neuropsychological disorders.

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Championing wellness in the workplace

Research shows that the healthier employees are in terms of wellbeing, the higher the levels of engagement, and the higher the engagement, the healthier the workforce. So, what can organisations do to help employees feel more engaged and, in turn, help them with their wellbeing? Hogrefe Ltd's Principal Psychologist, Liz Hey, investigates.

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The whole child: The myriad of applications with the IDS-2

The Intelligence and Development Scales – Second Edition (IDS-2) is a global cognitive and developmental assessment for children and adolescents, unmatched in its ability to assess the ‘whole child’ – their knowledge, strengths, and developmental needs, all-in-one complete picture. With 30 subtests across six Cognitive and General Development Domains and an extensive age range of 5 to 20 years, the IDS-2 is an incredibly versatile instrument.

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