Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing (EPS-W)

The EPS-W is an innovative tool for identifying vulnerabilities to stress, improving wellbeing, and building resilience in the workplace.

Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status – Extended (SPANS-X)

A bigger, bolder, and more precise assessment of acquired brain injury, dementia, and other neurological and neuropsychological disorders

Introducing the Intelligence and Development Scales – 2nd Edition

Evaluate the whole child with the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available.

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Clinical assessments

We provide a wide range of both paper and pencil and online clinical psychology tests in diverse areas such as behaviour, neuropsychology, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

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Child Development
Child development tests

Our range of child development tests measure key developmental stages, intelligence, behaviour, emotions, and educational attainment levels for paediatric, psychological and educational contexts.

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HR and occupational psychometrics

Our assessment portfolio consists of a wide range of validated psychometrics, helping you make objective people decisions.

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Employee Recovery: getting back to ‘normal’ and the importance of the psychological contract

Organisations have a clear role to play in helping their employees with a return to their ‘new’ or ‘next’ normal working environment. Flexible working arrangements, workplace adjustments, and collaborative technology are some of the ways that organisations can support their employees to work in a maintainable, hybrid way.

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Early identification of social communication needs: Evidence of a cross-cultural preschool assessment

Evidence has shown that the needs of children with late diagnosed autism spectrum disorders can go unrecognised for years. These children and their families miss out on appropriately-targeted interventions afforded by early identification.

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Tackle workplace wellness with the Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing

With a post-Covid expectation of return to work and normality, many employees are left unable to understand how they should feel about it – and organisations unsure how to support them. The Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing (EPS-W) is a measurable action and concrete answer to the question: how do we begin to move forward?

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