Emotional Processing Scale – Wellbeing (EPS-W)

The EPS-W is an innovative tool for identifying vulnerabilities to stress, improving wellbeing, and building resilience in the workplace.

Short Parallel Assessments of Neuropsychological Status – Extended (SPANS-X)

A bigger, bolder, and more precise assessment of acquired brain injury, dementia, and other neurological and neuropsychological disorders

Introducing the Intelligence and Development Scales – 2nd Edition

Evaluate the whole child with the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available.

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We provide a wide range of both paper and pencil and online clinical psychology tests in diverse areas such as behaviour, neuropsychology, autism spectrum disorders and much more.

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Child development tests

Our range of child development tests measure key developmental stages, intelligence, behaviour, emotions, and educational attainment levels for paediatric, psychological and educational contexts.

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Our assessment portfolio consists of a wide range of validated psychometrics, helping you make objective people decisions.

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New NEO-PI-3 UK senior manager international norm: now available

Hogrefe is pleased to announce that a new post-Covid senior manager international norm for the NEO Personality Inventory, Third Edition UK (NEO-PI-3) was published on the Hogrefe Testsystem this week. Striving to meet the growing needs of global NEO-PI-3 UK users, data was collected from just under 500 managers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom in spring/summer 2022. The sample represents both private and public sectors, across a wide range of industries.

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Using parallel assessments of neuropsychological status to explore conceptual flexibility

The capacity to deal with information and concepts flexibly is a subtle, yet essential requirement for everyday living. It may represent the consideration of alternatives, abstracting from the concrete to the generalisable, changing tact when the situation requires it, learning from feedback, following what ‘works’, persisting until we get it ‘right’, and holding the ‘bigger picture’ in mind. Is this perhaps the definition of ‘cognitive flexibility’?

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Oxford University-led research uses BRIEF2 UK in national mindfulness study

The MYRIAD Project (MY Resilience In ADolescence) concluded its eight-year study acknowledging that while mindfulness training can and has been effective in adults, the same is not necessarily true for adolescents – at least when delivered in a school setting.

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