Award-winning therapy continues to improve the lives of children with autism

The award-winning PACT is an evidence-based, adult-mediated and video-aided intervention designed to enhance social communication competencies in children aged 2–10 years with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It’s a course of therapy that is still garnering interest in the clinical and education sectors as it has been proven to significantly and sustainably reduce difficulties in social communication, repetitive behaviours and restricted interests years after the intervention is delivered. It has been compared favourably to other autism interventions because it requires less intensive effort yet produces better results.

The course follows findings that children with ASD require a style of adapted interaction that is specifically matched to their individual level of social communication. Over six stages, adults are shown how to match their responses to the child’s communication competence and language comprehension. The therapist reviews and provides feedback on interactions between parent/carer and child, then offers guidance on how to use that knowledge to improve the child’s individual language and communication skills.

Want to learn more?

Hogrefe’s half-day PACT e-learning programme (Level 1) supports professionals wishing to learn more about PACT by introducing the techniques and research behind the intervention, and providing trainees with the knowledge they need in order to continue to Level 2.

Level 2 consists of two days’ face-to-face training with training provider Interaction Method for Paediatric Autism   Communication Therapy (IMPACT), and an additional two and a half days’ post-course work. Completion of Level 2 and the accompanying post-course work will qualify the professional to administer PACT. Full details of the training with IMPACT can be found here.

If you have any questions about PACT e-learning, please get in touch, or click here to find out more about the programme and the next available training courses.


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