Flexible assessment with BRIEF-2 online

Regarding the popular Behaviour Rating Inventory of Executive Function, Second Edition (BRIEF-2), one consultant clinical neuropsychologist told us, ‘it is a time-consuming test to score and I would much prefer a digital version. I think developing digital versions of all neuropsychology tests would be very helpful.’ Armed with that knowledge, and with agreement from the US publishers of the BRIEF-2, we endeavoured to create a UK-based online edition of the hugely popular children’s executive functioning assessment – and were pleased to launch it late in 2018.

Useful for both online test completion and data entry

BRIEF-2 online can be used with PCs and laptops as well as with tablets for flexible, portable testing in busy clinics and practices – and can also be used jointly with paper and pencil reports as necessary. In the case of the BRIEF-2, where the child, parent(s) and teacher(s) are all reporting, online assessment can be a valuable time-saver, either by having all respondents complete online – or by inputting the data from the paper and pencil reports for quicker scoring and report output.

Further features of online testing

Our guide to online testing with BRIEF-2 sets out administration and scoring best practices, and also describes how to work with children, parents and teachers when using the online test administration. It also describes and shows the test report output and introduces a valuable tool only available online: multi-reports.

Multi-reports allow you to see all the results for one child – including multiple parents and teachers – compared in a single, clearly laid-out visual report.

Finally, test results can always be exported in csv or xlsx formats and include the raw and/or norm scores.

Starting using BRIEF-2 online today

Already a BRIEF-2 user? Great – please contact us and we’ll have you set up on the Hogrefe Testsystem in no time. You can choose to try a three-credit bundle to start (for the child, parent and teacher) or purchase in bulk for further savings. A free guide to online testing is included in every purchase. See more on our BRIEF-2 product page.

New to BRIEF-2? A quick check of your qualification details and a purchase of the BRIEF-2 manual will be required with your first order of online test credits – but this won’t take long, and our helpful support staff will ensure you’ve got what you need to start testing.


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