Hogrefe and the Rorschach® Ink Blot Test

When the ink blots that Hermann Rorschach designed and created were first printed, he and Verlag Hans Huber - as we were then called - developed special printing processes and techniques to achieve the precise colours and shades he had conceived. Right up until the present day, each reprinting of the plates themselves requires enormous care and technical expertise. As experienced Rorschach users know, the precise colouring and shading of the ink blots and their consistency and constancy over a period of decades are core characteristics of the test, characteristics that are essential both to the validity of results obtained and to the long-term scientific reliability and reputation of the test.

With the collaboration and advice of the International Society of the Rorschach & Projective Methods (ISR) we continue to produce the Rorschach® Test plates based on this highly specialised, historical know-how and on information contained in a comprehensive archive of original documents and instructions from Hermann Rorschach. Strict quality controls ensure that the plates produced today continue to have precisely the same quality and appearance as when Herrmann Rorschach himself oversaw their production.

Without the historical and technical knowledge mentioned above, it is impossible to reproduce plates in the quality and to the standards that are required for a reliable, reproducible test. For this reason, the original Rorschach® Test plates produced by Hogrefe are the only ones approved by the ISR for use in Rorschach diagnostics.