Hogrefe Publishing Group acquires Formula 4 Leadership

In a move aimed at expanding the important Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI) series of tests, Hogrefe Publisher and CEO Dr G.-Jürgen Hogrefe was pleased to announce the acquisition of the company and its
well-known assessments.

‘Leadership judgement is a critical factor to business success the world over, and Hogrefe has published and promoted the LJI tests for a number of years,’ Dr Hogrefe said. ‘To now be in a position to further expand upon the success and reach of these tests is exciting for both Hogrefe and for our customers, who have communicated a growing need for strong,leader-focused situational judgement tests.’

Comprising a series of decision-making scenarios, LJI assessments require the respondent to rate the appropriateness of various courses of action in responding to each challenge. Scenarios have been crafted from the principles underlying leadership theory and there is a single 'best fit' way to react to each scenario – the result being that the LJI goes beyond the measurement of the typical or preferred style of a respondent and assesses how well that individual understands the importance of sometimes behaving against their preferred style.

Hogrefe currently offers a small range of the LJI suite, and now will be able to offer the whole spectrum of leadership assessment and development solutions created by Formula 4 Leadership, including industry-specific assessments (e.g. for fire services and sales professionals), their consulting and training services, and innovative tools like Coach on the Desktop.

Bob Wheeler of Formula 4 Leadership said, ‘After working with the Hogrefe Group for a number of years, we see a great potential for international growth for the leadership judgement suite. We look forward to seeing these carefully crafted assessments and tools be further developed to meet the growing global requirement.’ Mr Wheeler continues to be involved in consulting for the business.

Hogrefe, the leading science publisher for psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry in Europe, has published the LJI in many countries and languages for more than 10 years. This acquisition will allow further development and expansion of the tests across the Hogrefe Publishing Group.

Hogrefe Publishing Group

When Dr Carl Jürgen Hogrefe founded his publishing house in 1949, no one would have dreamed of the level of development achieved in psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry.

Over the course of 70 years, the tiny seed that he planted in publishing his first psychology journal has grown into an international publishing company. Hogrefe is now the leading scientific publisher for psychology, psychiatry, and mental health in Europe, with supplemental publications in the fields of nursing, healthcare, and medicine. Originally founded in Göttingen, Germany, the Hogrefe Publishing Group today includes 16 publishing companies located in 14 countries across Europe, as well as in the USA and Brazil. An independent family business to this day, Hogrefe now employs nearly 400 people.

Hogrefe currently offers 2,500 books for professionals, scientists, and students, with 200 new titles released each year. Forty-one scientific and professional journals cover all Hogrefe’s core subject areas. Uniquely, our portfolio also includes 2,000 psychological tests in a variety of languages. We offer additional services in consulting, training, and specific online and electronic solutions.

The scientific nature of our publications, the personal nature of our dealings with our partners, and the creative design element in the consistent and focused development of our portfolio of products are the cornerstones of our success. To this day, these provide the foundations for Hogrefe and they are our promise for the future.