Hogrefe Publishing Group introduces ‘whole child’ intelligence and development assessment as academic and mental health needs soar

Hogrefe Publishing Group today announced the launch of its Intelligence and Development Scales – 2nd Edition (IDS-2) diagnostic assessment – a timely release as children head back to school and adolescents look to their futures post-lockdown.

As we learn to ‘live alongside Covid’, UK education and healthcare professionals face the task of supporting an entire generation of children and young people as they navigate school, higher education and career.

The IDS-2 is a modular assessment for children and adolescents age 5 to 20 years that can be used to evaluate the ‘whole child’, meaning its six different domains and 30 subtests measure specific areas to make up a more comprehensive picture of intelligence, executive function, and general development.“Children in the UK, as all over the world, have gone through such a long period of uncertainty and change these past 18 months. In many cases this has caused new or additional needs,” says Hogrefe Ltd General Manager, Pamela Becker.

Our incredibly busy psychologists and health professionals have expressed the need for assessments that can adapt to take the shape of their needs – and this is where the IDS-2 with its modular approach and online scoring can help.

-Pamela Becker, Hogrefe Ltd

The IDS-2 is the most comprehensive children’s diagnostic assessment available today. The publication has incredible scope to make a difference and help a generation of young people; identifying knowledge, strengths and developmental needs in one complete picture. With so many young people requiring extra developmental support – both in and outside the context of the pandemic – it is crucial that professionals are able to perform a complete assessment to pinpoint the specific areas where help is needed, and to make truly informed decisions about next steps and interventions.

The UK adaptation of the IDS-2, normed on 1,367 children and young people across the nation, was led by a team of experts and researchers from Oxford Brookes University. Authors Professor Anna Barnett, Dr Nichola Stuart and Dr Serena Vanzan worked carefully training test administrators to gather data from children and adolescents across the regions and socio-economic groups of the UK.

Professor Anna Barnett said: “Our team at Oxford Brookes have worked together with an excellent group of test administrators to gather data for this large project. We are grateful to all the families, schools, colleges and community groups who made this possible and all the children and adolescents who took part in the project. Their involvement has made it possible to deliver this exciting new assessment tool to help education and health professionals identify and support those who need help. We are delighted to have worked with Hogrefe to bring this project to fruition.”

The IDS-2 is available now from Hogrefe Ltd and includes a complimentary elearning package to help new test users get started with confidence. The Hogrefe Publishing Group is currently adapting and standardising the IDS-2 in 12 languages with more than 20,000 children worldwide; for more information on the global scope of this assessment, or its UK adaptation, please visit www.ids-2.com.

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