IDS-2 ‘whole child’ assessment now available to SpLD Assessors

Hogrefe is thrilled to announce that the Intelligence and Development Scales – Second Edition (IDS-2) is now available to Specific Learning Difficulty (SpLD) Assessors, who will find utility in many of the IDS-2’s ‘whole child’ domains. The Intelligence and Development Scales, 2nd Edition (IDS-2) from the Hogrefe Publishing Group offers a contemporary and comprehensive option for UK-normed and UK-referenced assessment.

Below, please find the specific information and guidance for the purchase and use of IDS-2 by SpLD Assessors.


Understanding the relevance of the IDS-2

The IDS-2 isn't just another IQ test. It provides a broad spectrum of ‘whole child’ assessment capabilities, making the interpretation of results across multiple areas a core feature. This multi-faceted approach aligns seamlessly with the depth and breadth of assessments SpLD assessors typically conduct. It is also:

  1. Focused yet versatile: While many SpLD assessors may primarily use the IDS-2 to look at specific learning disorders, the test offers a versatility that surpasses many other tools. The wide range of options available means assessors can comprehensively evaluate individuals across multiple areas as the assessment progresses.
  2. Moving beyond outdated tests: Over time, many of the traditional tests have become outdated, potentially leading to gaps in assessment accuracy. The IDS-2 bridges these gaps, offering a more current approach to intelligence and development scales – including online scoring, reducing the risk of manual scoring error.
  3. UK-standardised: One of the most salient features of the IDS-2 is its recent standardisation based on a representative UK population, making it particularly relevant and desirable for use by UK health and education professionals.


Eligibility for using the IDS-2

While the IDS-2 has historically been available only to educational psychologists, Hogrefe together with SASC and STEC committee members have agreed that many of the IDS-2’s domains are applicable to SpLD Assessors, and the test may now be accessed by qualified assessors.

To ensure that the IDS-2 is used responsibly and effectively, certain prerequisites have been agreed:

  1. Membership in a professional body: All SpLD assessors wishing to use the IDS-2 must maintain active membership in a recognised professional body. This ensures that they adhere to professional standards and ethics.
  2. Inclusion in the SASC list: Assessors must hold a current APC (Assessment Practising Certificate) and be listed on the SASC (SpLD Assessment Standards Committee) list of assessors. This adds an extra layer of validation to their expertise and ensures that they are recognised as specialists in the field of learning difficulties.
  3. Purchasers may be required to sign a qualification declaration from Hogrefe stating that they agree they have the necessary qualifications and will use the testing material responsibly and within the parameters of their profession.
  4. SpLD assessors agree to take the IDS-2 online eLearning, available free from Hogrefe after kit purchase.