New NEO-PI-3 UK senior manager international norm: now available

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Hogrefe is pleased to announce that a new post-Covid senior manager international norm for the NEO Personality Inventory, Third Edition UK (NEO-PI-3) was published on the Hogrefe Testsystem this week. Striving to meet the growing needs of global NEO-PI-3 UK users, data was collected from just under 500 managers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, and the United Kingdom in spring/summer 2022. The sample represents both private and public sectors, across a wide range of industries.

The data, presented in a newly-published NEO-PI-3 white paper, showed some interesting patterns in terms of age, gender, and geographical location. The research team also compared new data to the norms collected previously for NEO-PI-3, as well as the extent to which the norm population is working remotely versus in the workplace and how this might be impacting job satisfaction and work performance. Finally, the team examined responses with regards to how much physical and mental wellbeing has been negatively impacted by Covid-19 and the ensuing lockdowns.

Those interested in what psychometric tests and research can show us about individual and organisational behaviours and characteristics are encouraged to read the white paper and contact the team at Hogrefe with any follow-up questions.

The NEO-PI-3 provides a reliable and comprehensive tool to measure personality traits and can be used by individuals and organisations involved in selection and assessment, coaching, and development. It can also be used to help individuals with clinical mental and personality disorders get the support, monitoring, and treatment that they need.

The new NEO-PI-3 international senior manager norm is beneficial for those working with multi-national clients who are interested in looking at personality and work behaviours in a post-pandemic world. Other norms available across NEO UK editions include those for working professionals, airline pilots, financial services, and more. Contact us to discuss the benefits of using NEO-PI-3 UK.

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