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Oxford University-led research uses BRIEF2 UK in national mindfulness study

The MYRIAD Project (MY Resilience In ADolescence) concluded its eight-year study acknowledging that while mindfulness training can and has been effective in adults, the same is not necessarily true for adolescents – at least when delivered in a school setting.

Involving more than 28,000 children, 650 teachers, 100 schools, and 20 million data points, the MYRIAD Project was funded by the Wellcome Trust and helped out along the way by many contributors like Hogrefe. The project looked at one overarching question: whether school-based mindfulness training is an effective, cost-effective, accessible, and scalable way to promote mental health and wellbeing in adolescence. In order to measure the effectiveness of the training on adolescents, the MYRIAD project used the BRIEF2 UK[1], among other measures.

So how exactly did BRIEF2 figure into the research? The team, led by researchers at Oxford and Cambridge universities, used the BRIEF2 and other psychometric assessments and questionnaires to gain an understanding of how children’s and teachers’ self-reported views and behaviours changed over time. By first completing the questionnaire before the mindfulness training had begun, and then again after it had progressed, researchers were able to report on any differences in responses and determine how the mindfulness training may have contributed.

While other measures used in the study looked at social development, anxiety, school ecology and more – the role of the BRIEF2 was to look specifically at executive functioning; that is, the set of cognitive skills that are needed for self-control and managing behaviours.

And while mindfulness training in schools may not be proven effective from this study, there was one definite positive outcome: teachers undertaking the mindfulness training in order to teach their students were shown to suffer less from burnout than those who did not.

The full results of the study can be found here.

[1] BRIEF2 UK is adapted and reproduced by special permission of the Publisher, Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc. Behavior Rating Inventory of Executive Function® and Brief®2 are registered trademarks of PAR, Inc.

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