Save time with BRIEF-2 online

The assessment includes rating forms for teachers and parents (for ages 5-18), and a self-report form for children and adolescents (for ages 11-18). A separate report can be generated for each form completed, or all three forms for each individual can be combined into one multireport. A gratis short online guide explaining HTS 5 and the reports generated is included with each order, so that users can get the most out of the platform.

To use the BRIEF-2 on HTS 5 is cost-effective, easy, and most importantly efficient. There is no charge for BRIEF-2 users for access to the platform and the new pricing structure means you can purchase forms using credit packs, allowing you the flexibility to select the package that suits your needs.

Alternatively, the paper and pencil version of BRIEF-2 may be used for hand-scoring, and the information from the paper forms can be transferred to the online system to generate digital reports. Find out more and purchase here.