Temperament rising: focusing on children’s mental health, behaviour and temperament

Dr Marcel Zentner developed the Integrative Child Temperament Inventory (ICTI) at a time when there was an increased focus on children's mental health in the UK. Now in a world where most of us are struggling with the everyday challenges of living, learning, and working during the Covid-19 pandemic, the lens is truly focused on mental health.

One in six children aged 5 to 16 now experience a probable mental health problem according to a recent NHS report on mental health. This is a sizeable increase on the 10.8% reported in 2017.

We sat down with Dr Zentner (pre-pandemic) to discuss the growing need for assessment and intervention, including important areas such as children’s behaviour and temperament, before Covid had even hit our shores. Read the interview here.


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Coming soon: The Integrative Childhood Temperament Inventory (ICTI) test will be available to administer online from November 2020. The ICTI is a short screening test which measures dimensions of temperament in 2 to 8-year-olds. The ICTI has been extensively validated and normed. Psychologists, parents and early years’ educators can provide information on these dimensions and this can be used as a helpful framework for identifying potentially disruptive or anti-social behaviours in young children. The online administration of ICTI will enable users to have access to easy scoring and helpful reports.