Griffiths III FAQs

Find out more about Griffiths Scales of Child Development, Third Edition (Griffiths III) - the gold standard developmental measure based on the latest research and theory and built on the best of the past.

General information

1. How is the new kit different from the old kits?

Griffiths III is one single kit for continuous use from birth to 6 years (72 months). Previously, there were two separate kits for testing children aged 0-2 years and 2-8 years. There have been considerable improvements and updates so that Griffiths III reflects the latest knowledge of and research into child development. Stimulus materials have been modernised and the administration sequence has been streamlined. The number of subscales has been reduced from six to five.

2. How was Griffiths III normed?

The final normative and standardisation sample comprised 426 children from the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The sample consisted of 208 (48.8%) girls and 218 (51.2%) boys. Children from all 72 month groups were sampled to provide a spread across the age range of the test. The average age of the overall sample was 33.65 months, with a standard deviation of 20.58 months.

We can offer more detailed information about the normative and standardisation samples upon request. Full details can be found in the Griffiths III Manual Part I.

3. Who can use the Griffiths III?

The Griffiths III is aimed primarily for use by paediatricians and psychologists. Other Allied Health Professionals who meet the criteria for training as agreed by the training subcommittee of ARICD (such applications have to be made individually to ARICD).

In order to have access to Griffiths III, registered users of the previous editions must complete converstion training via a free e-learning module. New users must complete a separate e-module and attend a face-to-face training course. More information on each of these options can be found below.

4. How long is the administration time? How will it keep children engaged?

Administration can be expected to take roughly one hour, depending of course on the child – less than in previous versions. This is in part because many of the subscales use the integrated Quiet Book, cutting down on administration complexity while maintaining test validity. Among unique features of the Griffiths III are the range and variety of stimulus materials which ensures that even the shyest child can be motivated to engage. If concentration wavers, the examiner has a wide choice of tasks to re-engage the child. ‘Griff the Bear’ is introduced in Griffiths III, bringing a fun element of continuity across the Subscales and helping the test flow.

How to ensure you are a registered user of the previous Griffiths Scales so you are eligible to purchase Griffiths III

1. I trained in a previous edition of the Griffiths Scales, but I am not sure if I am a registered user. How do I check this?

You are welcome to check this by emailing us at Hogrefe and we will check your details against our database.

 2. I trained in a previous edition of the Griffiths Scales but I am not a registered user. How do I resolve this so I can purchase Griffiths III?

You will need to create an account on the ARICD website, and then pay a registration fee to become a registered user. See the 'registered user' section on this page on ARICD’s website for instructions. If you have any questions about this process, please contact ARICD

Griffiths III training

1. How can I train in Griffiths III? 

There are a variety of training options for Griffiths III – for users of the previous Griffiths Scales and for those who have not used the Griffiths Scales before. Please see this page for information. 

Griffiths III equipment

1. The blue thread for the threading beads task that was provided in my Griffiths kit is coming apart. Can I have a free replacement?

Should you require a replacement blue thread for the threading beads task, please contact us to request one. More durable threads are now included in the kit.

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