Get started with the Griffiths Scales of Child Development, Third Edition

Introducing the Griffiths III

The Griffiths III represents an evolution in developmental assessment, based on the latest research and theory, and building on the best of the past. It is a comprehensive, child-friendly developmental measure for continuous use from birth to 6 years (72 months). Learn why this assessment is considered the superior choice amongst professionals.

Griffiths III - A Case Study Book for Practitioners

Make full use of the Griffiths III with this detailed case study book

  • Written by leading practitioners
  • Introduces the psychometric properties
  • Details how to use the test
  • Outlines case studies for children with different abilities from 10 different countries
  • Includes summaries and chapter review questions
  • Colour sections and illustrations

Training courses

Users must undertake thorough training before they are able to administer, score and interpret results of the assessment. All levels of experience are catered for, whether you are a new user or a user of the previous editions of the Griffiths Scales. All courses are listed on and booked via the ARICD website and ARICD can be contacted at