Hogrefe Ltd’s response to the COVID-19 virus

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Last updated: 17/09/2020

With this unprecedented situation continuing to evolve, for most of us, our workplaces and work methods are still adapting day-by-day.

Our staff members are starting to return to the office and we remain committed to helping our clients as you continue your important work across the clinical, educational and occupational assessment world – even in this altered landscape. We are still able to deliver both paper and pencil and online tests, plus our training courses are running in virtual format. We have drawn up some FAQs (below) surrounding our current service provision which we hope you will find helpful.  

This, of course, is a rapidly developing situation with many unknowns. For the moment, we urge you only to put your health and wellbeing – and that of your families – first. Please, if you have specific questions in relation to our service provision, do not hesitate to contact us directly – we remain committed to answering your queries and keeping our lines of communication open.


Training courses

In what format are your training courses currently running?

Our training courses continue to run virtually rather than in-person. While we do not yet have a date for when face-to-face training courses will resume at any of our locations, we are constantly reviewing when we will be able to safely provide this service. In the meantime, we are seeing a fantastic response to our virtual courses, which are still able to offer some of the best parts of in-person training: the ‘classroom’ feeling, the ability to see and speak with peers, real-time tutor interaction, breakout rooms, and much more.


What virtual training courses are currently running?

You can browse our complete range of courses on our website here. Many dates for 2021 are already available due to popular demand.

Our latest products

Which new products might I have missed over the past few months?

Our Publishing team may have been in lockdown, but we were still able to bring you some exciting new online assessments. We recently published the Design A Matrix – Advanced (DESIGMA-A) for assessing general cognitive ability in individuals or groups aged 17 years and above. We also launched the Management Development Questionnaire (MDQ-R), which is used to assess management, leadership and emotional intelligence competencies. On top of that, new and existing users of the d2 Test of Attention – Revised now have access to additional sets of norms.

Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS 5)

Which tests are currently available on HTS 5?

You can see which tests are currently available on HTS 5 here. The number of tests we offer on HTS 5 is always growing, so check back often or sign up to our newsletter to receive updates.


Will you be launching new products on HTS 5?

Yes, we always have plenty of projects in the pipeline. Future releases include the HTS 5 edition of the Integrative Child Temperament Inventory (ICTI) and an edition of the Emotional Processing Scale (EPS) designed for use within an occupational / HR context. We also now offer a growing range of e-Manuals, which can be added to your HTS 5 account.


What features does HTS 5 offer and how can they benefit me?

HTS 5 makes it possible to set up testing, manage multiple test takers, download results and offer remote testing – all at an easy click of a button. This page gives you an overview of what HTS 5 has to offer but you can also delve into some its key features in more detail here. Feel free to contact us to discuss how HTS 5 can best support your testing needs.


Do I need to subscribe to HTS 5?

Not anymore! Having waivered HTS 5 subscription fees over the past few months to support our customers during the pandemic, we can confirm that we will no longer be charging subscription fees going forward. Customers looking to access tests on our HTS 5 platform can now choose between two options:

  • Test with Hogrefe’s Administration Service – fixed prices that include a £40 + VAT administration charge). With this option, Hogrefe will manage the test administration process for you – from assessment and candidate set-up within our system through to downloading the reports.
  • Self-administration – this option gives you access to our full range of discounted tiered pricing based on the quantities of test takers you have. With this option, customers have access to their own HTS 5 account in order to manage the test administration process. 


How can I get an account on HTS 5?

To get set up with an HTS 5 account you can contact us by phone on +44 (0)1865 797920 or email. Alternatively, you can purchase the online tests via the website and we will set up your HTS 5 account, add your licenses and email you the login details to your account together with a complete user guide.

Customer support and resources

I am having to adapt my work practices due to Covid-19. Do you have any resources to support me and my professional practice?

Yes, we have collated some information and resources from professional associations, governing bodies and across the Hogrefe Group that we hope will provide some guidance. You can find these here. You may also be interested in browsing our blog for topical articles amidst Covid-19.

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