Intelligence and Development Scales – 2nd Edition (IDS-2)

The alternative that gives you more

IDS-2 is not just an intelligence test, it’s a global cognitive and developmental assessment of the whole child.

IDS-2 is unmatched in its ability to capture children’s knowledge, strengths, and developmental needs in one complete picture.

With 30 subtests covering six domains across Intelligence, Executive Functions and General Development, IDS-2 is the most comprehensive diagnostic assessment available today.

The full IDS-2 kit, including all forms, costs just £1,099.

How does IDS-2 compare?

  • Supports a wider age range (from 5;0 to 20;11)
  • Assesses both intelligence and development
  • Covers every area of the CHC model of intelligence – not just selected areas
  • Offers more intelligence testing options – from quick IQ screening to general intelligence testing and an in-depth IQ profile
  • Provides efficient administration with a unique frustration-minimizing inversion rule (rather than a classical inversion rule)
  • Employs norms developed through state-of-the-art continuous norming, so you don’t have to rely on small sub-samples for each age group
  • Includes online scoring with each purchase of the record forms

Building a complete picture of every child

  • Intelligence – including IQ-Screening (2 tests), general intelligence (7 tests), and a complete IQ-Profile (14 tests)
  • Executive Functions – including inhibition, working memory, and cognitive flexibility
  • Psychomotor skills
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Scholastic skills – including mathematical reasoning, reading and spelling
  • Motivation and Attitude (for ages 11 to 20 years)

More options for intelligence testing

The table to the right shows commonly used intelligence assessments and how they map onto the eight factors of the Cattell Horn Carroll (CHC) theory of intelligence – the most widely-accepted view of intelligence today.

As the table demonstrates, the IDS-2 is currently the only test that measures all components of the CHC model. This was one of the reasons why the IDS-2 was developed; to be able to provide extensive coverage of the information you may want to measure with a child or adolescent.

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