Online assessments with Hogrefe Testsystem

The Hogrefe Testsystem (HTS), makes it possible to set up testing, manage multiple test takers, download results and offer remote testing – all at an easy click of a button. Most importantly, its scientifically-sound testing platform delivers the insightful and reliable results needed to inform your recruitment, development and clinical needs.

Take a tour of our platform with our HTS Tutorial Series on Youtube!

Currently on HTS

We currently offer the following tests on the HTS system, for which you can purchase credits by following the links below.

The number of tests we offer on HTS is always growing, so check back often, or sign up to our newsletter for updates. Most of our tests are available in several languages.

Quality-driven & multifunctional

HTS can help you to enhance the quality and integrity of your recruitment or clinical decisions and let your focus remain where it needs to be – on the results. With HTS you’ll get:

  • substantial results
  • choice of norms and scales
  • data export
  • multi-profile comparison
  • group evaluation (ranking/profiling)
  • tablet compatibility
  • a complete user guide to help you navigate the system
  • a series of HTS tutorials on our YouTube channel
  • e-manual option for several of our assessments

Find out more about the features HTS has to offer here.

Accessing tests on HTS

Most of our online tests are available through the HTS platform. To access tests on HTS, you can choose between two options:

  • Test with Hogrefe Administration Service (fixed price: cost of test + £40 admin fee + VAT) whereby Hogrefe manage the test administration process (set up link, download reports)
  • Self-administration (tiered prices) – whereby you have your own HTS account and manage the test administration process, allowing you access to discounted pricing based on the quantity of reports purchased.

To get set up with an HTS account, contact us by email, by phone on +44 (0)1865 797920 or you can purchase the tests directly on our website. We will then set up your account.

Account set up procedure

Once we have received your order, we set up the online HTS account for you, add your test licenses and send you your login details by email. This may take up to one working day.

Test administration process

Once you have received your account login details, you will be able to set up your questionnaires and send them via email to your test takers. Once they complete their test, the report is automatically formulated on the portal, and ready to be downloaded as a pdf.

With your login details, you will receive a user manual for the HTS platform, as well as tutorials explaining the process. Your Hogrefe customer support team is also available to assist you with the process and with any queries you might have.

For HTS Terms and Conditions, please visit this page.

Also available from Hogrefe

Hogrefe Software Interface (HSI)

The purpose of the software interface is smooth integration with third party systems. The interface can be useful in environments such as medical offices, hospitals or candidate management systems. The HSI offers numerous features to aid in handling psychological issues, from survey creation and provision of tests for participants, to generating reports based on standard and scale values.

The web service interface (HSI Online) is hosted by the Hogrefe Group and can be accessed by the portal operator. This requires a permanent internet connection, with management, implementation, and evaluation performed on Hogrefe servers. Please email us for more information.

Partner platforms

Due to the variety of tests we offer and the ways in which they work, some of the assessments we publish or distribute are hosted on test-specific partner platforms, each of which have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions. For more information on any of these platforms or online tests, contact us directly and we will put you in touch with the publishers/suppliers.

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