Data Collection


Test Administrator Requirements

What is the time commitment for data collection projects?

Test Administrators can work as much or as little as their schedules allow. We do ask that if you sign up you commit to testing a minimum of 10 people during the timeframe you are with us; this is due to the time and resources needed on our end to train each administrator, draw up contracts and prepare materials.

Note that as we are trying to closely match the census in terms of representation across the UK, there may be a limit to how much data we can accept from you – but we will be happy to discuss numbers directly with you for each project.

How long do the tests take to complete?

The length of time taken by each participant to complete the assessments varies between each project. For each data collection project, you will also need to allocate time for recruiting participants and for a small amount of administration relating to processing participants’ details.

How are the tests completed?

The tests are completed online or by paper/pencil (when completed on paper, these will be posted to you by us but must also be returned by post by you to us; we will pre-pay for return postage).

Are Test Administrators permitted to work for other test publishers?

Yes. Working as a Test Administrator for Hogrefe does not negate collecting data for other test publishers as well. However, you will be strictly bound by any privacy agreements you sign with Hogrefe (or other employers) in terms of discussing or sharing sensitive information.

My DBS check has run out. Will you apply for a new one for me and pay for it?

You will need to apply for a new one yourself and we will reimburse you for the cost.


Will I receive training on how to administer the tests?

Yes, absolutely. There will be online video training provided so that you understand how data collection works, any rules or guidelines around administration, best practices and any other important pieces of information. You will also have access to support from our Research Assistant, who will be available to field questions and help you with any issues that arise during the testing process itself.

Participant Recruitment

Do I need to recruit my own participants?

Yes. You will recruit your own participants through your own channels and contacts.

How do I recruit?

There are several ways to recruit participants. Here are some suggestions:

  • Reach out to personal contacts
  • Ask family and friends for contacts
  • Contact schools, sports clubs, places of worship and other organisations to which you may have connections.

Can I test my own children?

This varies for each test depending on the inclusion criteria. Details will be given during the training/introduction phase for each test.

Will I be given materials to assist with recruiting?

Yes. We will provide sample recruiting emails, PDF recruitment flyers, and graphics for posts on social media.

How many participants do I need to recruit?

We ask that each Test Administrator commit to testing a minimum of 10 participants. Due to our requirement to represent the census as closely as possible, there will also be a maximum for your region (as well as data requirements for gender/age/race/etc) and we can discuss this with you directly.

Do you collect data on any clinical groups?

Yes. This varies for each test.


How much will I be paid?

You will be paid for each fully completed test: depending on the administration needed and length of the test (anywhere from about 15 minutes to one hour), amounts range from £20-50 per test. We will discuss the requirements and compensation before each round of testing.

Are my participants compensated?

Yes; each participant will be sent a digital Amazon gift card after their participation (amounts vary per test/time requirement).

Is there compensation available for organisations?

Yes. Registered and approved organisations (e.g. schools, clubs) will receive £20 compensation per participant recruited and tested. Please send an email for more information on how this process would work.

Will I be reimbursed for expenses?

No; we do not reimburse for any expenses e.g. travel costs.


What materials will I be provided with?

For each test there will be forms to complete either online (via a testing link presented to the participant on a desktop computer or tablet) or by paper/pencil. If you choose to test participants by paper/pencil, we will ship the items to you and you will be required to post them back to us (via pre-paid postage).

What materials do I need to provide?

  • For completion online: an electronic device e.g. computer, laptop or mobile device plus a working Wi-Fi connection
  • For paper and pencil completion, you will need to supply pencils. We will supply materials and envelopes.

Testing Locations

Where do I conduct the testing session(s)?

Testing must take place at a quiet location where just the Test Administrator and the participant (and the parent or teacher where required) are present. Some popular locations include:

  • Test Administrator’s home
  • Participant’s home
  • Private room at the local library
  • School office or classroom where other students are not present.

It is not appropriate to conduct testing in a public location such as a coffee shop/restaurant, open area within a library, or in a classroom when other students are present. It is also not appropriate to send a test link to the participant to complete on their own; the data collection process requires a Test Administrator to be present. 


Who do I contact with questions?

Please direct any questions via email.


Do you need more Test Administrators?

Yes! We always need more Test Administrators. Please direct anyone interested to the job posting on the Careers page of our website here.