Active Aging

The Contribution of Psychology

by Rocío Fernández-Ballesteros

Active Aging (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616763602
1st edition 2008, 203 pages
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Active Aging

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Aging well and continuing to be active are often regarded as THE goals in life, from individual, family, community, and population perspectives. This implies good health and physical fitness, good cognitive and positive emotional-motivational functioning, and social participation and engagement.
Increasing life expectancy by means of biomedical advances is not on its own enough, however. Research shows that an individual’s psychological condition contributes to their quality of life and well-being in old age – and that behavioral and psychological interventions can also prevent illness, improve cognitive and physical fitness, and increase positive emotional functioning and social participation.
This book shows how psychologists and psychological science as a whole can face the challenge of promoting optimal and active aging in a society that is growing ever older.

From the reviews

“Fernández-Ballesteros succeeds in integrating psychological theory with a discussion of implications for individual health and well-being while also addressing broader concerns such as health and social costs. The book provides a comprehensive review of a large number of studies that support this new positive approach.”
Ingrid Lunt in PsycCRITIQUES, Vol. 54, 2009

“This book describes how to age well using various psychological and behavioral interventions. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life in the elderly population... This book is consistent with the positive psychology movement and supplies mental health providers with the basic tools to begin in assisting the elderly. Psychological interventions can make a difference and this book gives us the research basis for it... Society must give back to our elders who have done so much for the rest of us and this book will be of great help in showing how.”
Gary B Kaniuk, PsyD, in Doody's Book Review

"The book deserves careful and close reading. The [...] chapter on active ageing programmes is especially useful, as it brings together the various strategies for promoting health and wellbeing, and lists several international projects. The mutli-dimensional, multi-level approach should appeal to students and researchers from a wide range of disciplines."
Ann Bowling in Ageing & Society, Vol. 29, 2009

“Professor Fernández-Ballesteros presents a strong conceptual framework for the concept of active aging. She provides theoretical and practical information that will be most helpful to teachers, students, and researchers. I enjoyed reading this book and learned from it, and I predict you will also do so.”
Norman Abeles, PhD, Professor of Psychology, Michigan State University and Past President, American Psychological Association

“This important book brings a new psychological perspective to the concept of active aging – the leading paradigm behind policy and practice towards aging in all developed countries. In providing a combination of literature surveys, scientific analyses, and practical information on programs to promote active aging, this book is a tremendous resource for anyone interested in aging and how individuals and societies respond to it.”
Alan Walker, Professor of Social Policy and Social Gerontology, Director of the New Dynamics of Ageing Programme, University of Sheffield

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