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Conners 4th Edition (Conners 4™) is a leading tool for the assessment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Suitable for

Parent and Teacher: 6–18 years

Self-Report: 8–18 years

Product Description

Conners 4 provides a thorough assessment of symptoms and impairments associated with ADHD and common co-occurring problems and disorders in children and youths aged 6 to 18 years. The Conners 4 allows for flexibility in the administration, offering screening and short versions, to adapt to needs of recipients and administrators.

The Conners 4 builds on the strengths of the multi-informant Conners Rating Scales and will be an invaluable part of your ADHD assessment battery with updated norms, improved workflows, and new and improved features.

The Conners Family

The Conners 4 is the newest assessment in the Conners Family, which also includes Conners 3 (paper and pencil), CAARS (for adults), Conners Early Childhood and more. Please contact us for help choosing which assessment is right for you.

All Conners 4 users receive access to a free, digital version of the Conners 4 Manual through their MHS Online Assessment Center+ account.

New features:

Improved Efficiency and Usability - Digital-only version means less room for manual error and quicker administration and scoring.

Increased Accuracy of Assessment

Conners 4 updates allow you to:

· Address critical concerns with Severe Conduct and Self-Harm Critical Items and a Sleep Problems Indicator

· Measure impairments related to ADHD symptoms in the school, social, and family domains

· Evaluate new content areas and common co-occurring problems such as emotional dysregulation, depressed mood, and anxious thoughts

· Apply a dimensional approach with an additional DSM Symptoms Scale - Total ADHD Symptoms

Superior Quantification of Severity - compare child's results to an ADHD Reference Sample (children/youth already diagnosed with ADHD).

Enhanced Collaboration with Parents - an enhanced Parent Feedback Handout (easy-to-understand explanation and summary of results).

Increased Fairness and Inclusivity - no evidence of measurement bias regarding gender, race/ethnicity, country of residence, or parental education level.

More Informed Intervention - evaluation of a youth's relative strengths and weaknesses using Within-Profile Comparisons.

Not ready or able to administer and score online? The Conners 3 remains available for purchase here.

Please note that the Conners 4 is administered via Canadian publisher Multi-Health Systems’ online platform. From payment to account set-up usually takes 1-2 business days. If you have any questions about the process or platform, please contact us.


The Conners 4 Parent, Teacher, and Self-Report scale have excellent internal consistency (median omega coefficient = .94), strong test-retest reliability (median r = .89), and moderate to strong inter-rater reliability (median r = .84 for two parent raters; median r = .52 for two teacher raters).

Test Validity

Results from confirmatory factor analyses (CFA) provided evidence to support the structure of the Conners 4 scales (6-factor model for the Content Scales [CFI = .940, RMSEA = .051]) and 3-factor model for Parent and Self-Report and 2-factor model for Teacher for the Impairment Functional Outcome Scales [CFI = .935; RMSEA = .094]).

Please contact us if you would like to know more about the convergent or criterion related validity of the Conners 4.


A total of 3,120 youth were included in the Normative Samples (N = 1,560 for Parent; N = 1,560 for Teacher; and N = 1,100 for Self-Report). Combined gender norms are provided for youth in 1-year age intervals; separate norms for males and females are also available. ADHD Reference Samples are also available (N = 560 for Parent, N = 321 for Teacher, and N = 229 for Self-Report).

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