Family Assessment

Integrating Multiple Clinical Perspectives

Edited by: Manfred Cierpka, Volker Thomas, Douglas Sprenkle

Family Assessment (PDF)
ISBN: 9781616762407
1st edition 2005, 301 pages
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Family Assessment

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This book on family assessment integrates psychodynamic and systemic perspectives in a unique way. U.S. and European authors draw from both perspectives and integrate their cultural backgrounds. In this book the family is evaluated on three levels: the individuals, the dyads and triads, and the family system. Interwoven with clinical examples, the first part discusses the importance of the initial interview, from the first contact with a family to goal setting and treatment planning. The second part presents the various clinical perspectives that underlie the three-level model. These perspectives include the family’s contextual factors such as its stage in the family life cycle, its social world, and related areas such as parenting styles and behavior. Finally, the third part presents some clinical applications focusing on the use of family sculpting procedures as assessment tools. This family assessment book is a true integration of theoretical perspectives and international expertise, edited and written by leading family assessment researchers from the United States and Europe. "Family Assessment: Integrating Multiple Clinical Perspectives is not your run of the mill assessment text. It is a breath of fresh air.
"Cierpka, Thomas, and Sprenkle bring their substantial experience as clinicians, teachers, supervisors, and researchers to bear on a refreshing explication of family assessment.
"Family Assessment is a comprehensive and articulate examination of the core issues that shape the theory and practice of family assessment. The book has a student-friendly organizational structure that encourages readers to apply learning to practice. It is sure to become a favorite of practitioners, teachers, and students.
"Practitioners will find this book to be a helpful refresher as well as a new resource.
"Students will value the clear examples, short vignettes, and full-length case studies peppered throughout the text.
"Teachers will appreciate the clear integration of theory and practice.
"All readers will appreciate the distinctive international flavor of the text and the added richness that arises from the mix of chapters written by authors shaped by different cultures and historical contexts and thinking in different languages.
"Written in a clear and accessible style, this engaging text will be invaluable to anyone embarking on or already involved in family assessment.
Laughlin, M. (2006). Book review. Journal of Systemic Therapies, 25(1), 84-86

"...attempts the commendable task of meshing the views of family therapists from Germany and the United States to represent systemic thinking from two cultures and two languages. They are able to pull together a variety of perspectives in one family assessment volume.
...provides extensive information on many aspects of the assessment of family functioning. It will be most helpful as a reference book for faculty teaching family psychology or family assessment..."
Mark Stanton, Stephen Cheung in PsycCRITIQUES, Volume 51, Issue 4

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