Introductory Kit (Examiner's Manual, 25 Teacher Rating Scales, 25 Parent Rating Scales, 25 Youth Rating Scales, 50 Summary Forms)
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Behavioural and Emotional Rating Scale, Second Edition (BERS-2)

Paper and Pencil
Paper and Pencil
Summary Forms (25)
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Introductory Kit (Examiner's Manual, 25 Teacher Rating Scales, 25 Parent Rating Scales, 25 Youth Rating Scales, 50 Summary Forms)


Measuring child strengths and competencies.

Suitable for

5 to 18.11 years.

Product Description

The BERS-2 examines several aspects of a child's strengths, such as interpersonal strengths, functioning in and at school, affective strength, intrapersonal strength, family involvement and career strength. The BERS-2 can be used to identify children with limited behavioural and emotional strengths, identify a child's strengths and weaknesses for intervention, target goals for IEPS and/or treatment plans, document progress and help collect data for research purposes.

Designed to be used in school settings, mental health clinics, juvenile justice settings, and child welfare agencies, the BERS-2 has been widely adopted by local, state and U.S. federal agencies for evaluation of services outcomes.

Qualification level required:
Level 2. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance.


The internal consistency reliability of the BERS-2 subtests was established with children without disabilities and with children who were emotionally disturbed. Coefficients exceeded .80 for each subtest and .95 for the overall score. Over 15 studies have confirmed the BERS's content, construct, and criterion-related validity.


All of the BERS-2 scales were normed on representative samples of children without disabilities and the BERS-2 Teacher Rating Scale was normed on children with emotional and behavioral disorders. Demographics of the standardization samples are reported in the manual by age, gender, geographic location, race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Separate norms are available on the teacher rating scale for children diagnosed with emotional and behavioral disorders.


10 minutes.

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