White Knuckles and Wishful Thinking

White Knuckles and Wishful Thinking

Learning from the Moment of Relapse in Alcoholism and Other Addictions

by George Manter DuWors

Print edition
Print edition
White Knuckles and Wishful Thinking
ISBN: 9780889372245
2nd revised and expanded edition 2000, 416 pages
Out of print
White Knuckles and Wishful Thinking

Product Description

This book builds on one relentless empirical fact about addictive relapse: At the moment of picking up the first drink/drug we all say one of two things. Either "One won't hurt" (or a handful of "wishful" variations) or "F--- it" (or a smaller, less frequent list of "white knuckle" variations).

What does this mean? Why is it that so many different people — different addictions, different stages of the illness, different educational and cultural backgrounds — all say the same thing at this critical moment? After all, this is the very moment that treatment and recovery strive to prevent.

This book first shows how to understand the "wishful" and the "white knuckle" relapse. It then goes on to look at denial acceptance, and coping. All of the chapters specify tools for talking to self or others about the experience of relapse and how to prevent it from happening again. And each chapter now features study guides for students of chemical dependency and treatment exercises for those struggling with their own relapse.

Review of the first edition:

"At last! Here's a book about addiction relapse everyone can understand. DuWors has crafted this how-to-understand and how-to-help manual in easy-reading, almost novel-like style, with humorous vivid illustrations. This is a must reading for all professionals involved in the counselling and treatment of alcoholism."
Reviewed in The Star Phoenix, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, October 31 (1992).

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