Hogrefe at NASP 2023

Join us in Denver February 7-10 and use 20% discount code NASP2023 onsite or online.

Book of the Month February 2023

We’re delighted to present our book of the month for February 2023 Reunification Family Therapy, a unique, evidence-based treatment manual for repairing parent–child relationships.

Assessments for Selection and Development

Hogrefe assessments offer concrete, measurable answers to your question “How do we choose top talent, and then ensure they remain engaged and continue to develop?”

Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice online course

Learn how mindfulness can help you develop your best strengths and sign-up for an 8-week online course starting February 7, 2023, with Ryan M. Niemiec, the author of Mindfulness anc Character Strengths.


ESB - Early Sociocognitive Battery

A new, innovative assessment for preschoolers predictive of later language and social communication difficulties.

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More than a publisher

We are psychologists and experts in the field. We research, we consult, we develop.

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Scientific Research and Collaboration

Join us in our data collection efforts.

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The Dark Triad of Personality at Work

The “dark side” of work behaviors can uncover traits shown in research to be very effective predictors of job performance.

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Hogrefe on the Road

Join us at these in-person events in 2023

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The importance of understanding Posttraumatic Embitterment Disorder

Author Michael Linden explains why it’s important to recognize this condition.

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