Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs

Featured at the recent American Psychiatric Association (APA) in San Francisco, the new print editions and online versions for adults and children/adolescents are now available.

Book of the Month May 2023

Our book of the month for May 2023 is Practicing Positive Psychiatry – which outlines how mental health professionals can significantly increase patient collaboration to co-create preferred outcomes by discovering possibilities and competencies focused on building hope, optimism, and gratitude.

Sustainability at Hogrefe

The Hogrefe Group has made a commitment to sustainability by signing the SDG Publishers Compact to actively support & accelerate the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN by 2030.

The Rorschach® Test Centenary Edition

Limited and numbered edition


ESB - Early Sociocognitive Battery

A new, innovative assessment for preschoolers predictive of later language and social communication difficulties.

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More than a publisher

We are psychologists and experts in the field. We research, we consult, we develop.

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Scientific Research and Collaboration

Join us in our data collection efforts.

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Emotional Processing in the Workplace

What can organizations do to help employees feel more engaged and, in turn, help them improve their wellbeing?

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Time for a Time-Out

Time-outs are effective when used correctly, so how do they work?

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The Dark Triad of Personality at Work

The “dark side” of work behaviors can uncover traits shown in research to be very effective predictors of job performance.

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