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On the Road to Open Access

Hogrefe has reached a groundbreaking agreement with 116 scientific and research institutions, negotiated on their behalf by the Göttingen State and University Library, on the Open Access transformation of Hogrefe's PsyJOURNALS. In terms of the number of participating scientific and research institutions, this is one of the largest agreements of its kind to date.

This agreement enables scientists and authors to both "Publish & Read" in Hogrefe's psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry journals.

Open Access Publication

Authors from participating institutions can publish their original articles in the "gold" standard of open access in any of the transformative journals without having to pay an APC (article publication charge) themselves.

In our FAQ for authors we have summarized the most important questions about submitting your article for open access publication.

    Read Access

    Hogrefe eContent provides comprehensive search and research options across our entire range of journals. Under the agreement that has been reached, scientists and students can access over 40 titles in our PsyJOURNALS collection and approximately 24,000 articles published to date.

    Research now on Hogrefe eContent.

    Hogrefe PsyJOURNALS

    Hogrefe's portfolio of psychology, psychotherapy, and psychiatry journals (PsyJOURNALS) currently comprises 28 active and 13 archive titles in English and German. The journals include some of the most respected outlets for research and scientific communication in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry. The eminent researchers and experts in the respective fields who edit journals, the high attractiveness of the titles for authors, and the consistent quality assurance, such as the peer review process, help guarantee that Hogrefe journals meet the highest scientific standards.

    Further information and helpful links

    • You can read more about the agreement in our press release.
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    • Our Hogrefe OpenMind program offers further opportunities for open access publications.
    • All of our journals with detailed information about the individual titles can be found here.
    • Our glossary provides you with an overview of the vocabulary of electronic publishing in the areas of books and journals.