Field Examiner

Part-time, flexible, remote, independent contractor position


Hogrefe Publishing is looking for psychological and educational professionals to join our team of experienced examiners who collect standardization data for our clinical and educational assessments. Your role is to recruit and test qualified participants and submit the data to Hogrefe Publishing for inclusion in the pilot studies, norming sample or validity studies. You will work with internal staff to become fluent in administration of the tests, to understand who a qualified candidate is and to learn the processes and procedures for collecting and submitting data.



  • Utilize recruiting materials and guidelines provided by Hogrefe Publishing.
  • Locate qualified candidates for testing considering the sample requirements, inclusion and exclusion criteria.
  • Submit profiles of qualified candidates to internal Hogrefe Publishing staff for consideration.

Test Administrator

  • Secure appropriate location for testing (i.e., your home or office, your participant’s home, other quiet and private space).
  • Schedule testing sessions with approved participants.
  • Administer the test following the specific requirements outlined in training, support materials and test materials.
  • Return completed testing materials to Hogrefe Publishing office each week or as you complete tests.


Your Profile

Essential Experience

  • Minimum of a master's degree in psychology, speech-language pathology or related field.
  • Large pool of personal and professional contacts from which you can recruit qualified candidates.
  • Strong time management, organizational skills and ability to work independently.
  • Exceptional integrity and attention to detail.
  • Essential computer skills with own, personal device.

Desired Experience

  • Extensive experience with individually administered assessments.
  • Previous participation in clinical assessment data collection efforts.


Please email Christina Kowalczyk for additional information or to register.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Christina Kowalczyk

Director of Assessment